Featured Artist awarded to Chrisavyi Neophitou – Cyprus in Style

The Paphos based artist, Chrisavyi Neophitou, works from her gallery in the Old Town. She is a self-taught artist and sees art as a way of expressing her feelings. She states that “My soul and thoughts are communicated through art as I am on a continual search and journey to my own inner world”.

Chrisavyi is an observer of human emotions through everyday life. She is inspired by what she sees around her and how it makes her feel. She finds great inspiration through people’s behaviour and this is reflected in her choice of colours, which is influenced by our island, surrounded by the ever-changing shades of blue from the sea.

Although Chrisavyi works in many media including charcoal and oil, she is always keen to experiment with new styles and techniques. Her subjects are wide-ranging but she favours the human form, especially nudes, as she says this represents “freedom, purity and the simplicity of our being.” She has participated in over 25 group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, including the second International Art Festival in Nicosia. She is a collaborator on cultural issues in the newspaper, Antilogos, and has also had two of her paintings used as front covers for two poetry books. She greatly admires a wide range of past artists, including Tamara de Lempicka from the twentieth century, Sandro Botticelli from the sixteenth century and the surrealist artist, Salvador Dali.

Currently, she is working on a future solo exhibition to be held at her own art gallery, ‘Chrisavyi’s Art Gallery’, situated near Ibrahim’s Khan in the Old Town of Paphos.

Article by Cyprus in Style Magazine.