Tsangarides Winery Paphos | Where a family’s livelihood is also their passion

“Tsangarides Winery is where a family’s livelihood is also their passion.”

Angelos Tsangarides is at the forefront of the new generation of winemakers in Cyprus and part of a new wave movement of winemakers across the island. I once described him as a ‘young gun’ but now he should be referred to as an ‘experienced pistolero’.

ALL ABOUT WINE By George Kassianos,
President of Cyprus Sommeliers Association

Today, Tsangarides is one of the most distinguished personalities in the Cypriot winemaking field. Tsangarides Mataro and Shiraz Rosé are two of their emblematic brands that have maintained their excellent level of quality over the years. As for Xynisteri, it is a wine that proves that if a variety “finds its master” it can do miracles.

Angelos Tsangarides’ grandfather and father prepared the ground by planting and then looking after the first vineyards of the family. It only seems natural that since his teenage years, wine production technology has been of great interest to him. Although he initially followed another professional career, he soon abandoned it and ended up attending various oenology courses.

His love for nature did not stop in just looking after the vineyards. Angelos Tsangarides developed a keen interest in organic farming and how it works in harmony with nature rather than against it. This new direction resulted in the creation of the winery, which is situated in the village of Lemona in the Pafos region. His vision and desire became reality. Tsangarides winery has over 200 hectares of organic vineyards and is renowned for being one of the best in Cyprus.

Organic farming involves using techniques to achieve good crop yields without harming the natural environment or the people who live and work in it.

He believes that whatever you’re buying – from cotton buds to wine – when you choose organic food, beauty or textiles, you choose products that promote a better world.

Once you meet Angelos, you know this to be true.

The modernisation of the vineyards and the establishment of modern equipment in the winery have led to the production of good and, in some cases, excellent quality wines. Angelos Tsangarides managed to bring local wines out of obscurity and mediocrity and to give them quality credentials. As for the varieties, he has already acquired many fans with his Xynisteri and his Maratheftiko, two of the most famous native varieties.

The variety, however, that gives him his highest credentials is the red variety Mourvèdre or Mattaro, a grape variety known for excellent wines in southern France. Mourvèdre is however of Spanish origin and is called Monastrell. In recent years, it has been produced from organic vineyards. The winery also produces red wine from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety from organic vineyards, as well as Maratheftiko blended with Shiraz to create an excellent semi-dry rosé. The cosmopolitan Chardonnay white variety compliments the series of organic wine vineyard labels. Five out of a total of eight labels are organic. In addition to the dry and semi-dry Xynisteri, there is the rosé, Shiraz, and the red Saint Ephraim, a blend of red varieties, usually Cabernet Sauvignon, Mattaro and Shiraz, plus two Cypriot varieties. Also, for the wine lovers the winery offers sweet wine from the Moscato variety.

Angelos is not alone in his effort to ensure the winery continues to thrive. Loukia, Angelos’ sister, also shares the responsibility. Tsangarides has a solid history in the art of winemaking and is en-route to opening up yet more ‘wine frontiers’ as they face the ever-changing challenges of modern winemaking.


Finally, another opportunity that Angelos Tsangarides offers is that by signing up for ‘Adopt a Vine’ you can, look after it with your friends and family, and make sure that, every year, you enjoy the wine from your very own vine, plus a 10% discount for purchases of any other Tsangarides wine varieties.

The winery is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday – 8am – 4pm for tastings, tours and wine sales. Tel: 26 722 777.

Article by Wine Writer, George Kassianos, for Cyprus in Style Magazine.