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In October’s edition of Cyprus in Style Magazine, the ‘New Featured Business’ article was awarded to Liemeta ME Ltd, a company that provides for the safe and sophisticated storage of physical precious metals, such as, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, at its prime location in Liechtenstein. We spoke to Managing Director, Stefan Nolte, to find out more about this new niche business.

Stefan Nolte, Managing Director, Liemeta ME Ltd

Safe & Sophisticated Storage of Physical Precious Metals in Liechtenstein

Established earlier this year, Liemeta ME Ltd was incorporated in Cyprus, as a subsidiary of the prestigious Liemeta AG in Liechtenstein, worldwide referred to as Liemeta.

In principal, Liemeta stores and preserves your wealth, i.e. your physical precious metals, at its highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art storage facilities in Liechtenstein, in your name, with all the adequate paperwork and documentation to ensure you are the true legal owner of your precious metals.

For professionals in the trade, this type of storage is called ‘segregated and allocated’.

“Globalisation brought people together but also led to global vulnerability … long-lasting recessions, political uncertainty, weakening currencies, defaulting banks and even countries … these are all risks affecting the global economy”. Nolte explained.

Liechtenstein has a long tradition of sophisticated property protection due to its excellent worldwide reputation for being politically and economically stable, with no public debt history since 1719! Liechtenstein is also part of the customs union with Switzerland and is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA).

All precious metals at Liemeta, regardless of who owns them, are fully insured and include coverage of embezzlement and terrorism. Every client receives an Evidence of Insurance Certificate (EOI) and is fully protected from any unlikely third-party claims made against the company. Liemeta issues transparent and clear documentation to each client, as detailed evidence of their assets in storage.

According to Nolte, in terms of the total value of client assets stored, Liemeta is one of the largest high-security storage facilities existing in Europe today. Liemeta acts as custodian for both private and institutional clients such as banks, insurance companies, attorneys, funds and fund management companies.

Liemeta is a private company and therefore independent from banks and other financial institutions. The client, therefore has the opportunity to store their wealth safely and protected from the risks of the banking sector. In addition, their wealth is also protected from currency and political risks.

Proudly, Liemeta have also just received their Shariah Compliance Certificate (Fatwa) confirming that operations and procedures regarding the sale and custody storage of physical gold and silver, are in line with AAOIFI Shariah Standard No 57 on Gold. This is a very positive development for the Middle Eastern market, which is part of their target area here in Cyprus.

Nolte was born and raised in Lübeck, Germany, and started out on his professional journey in 1984. Since he left Germany, he has lived and worked in several countries in Asia and the Middle East before settling down in Cyprus in 1999. Having worked for so many companies in the past, it was natural for Nolte to start his own company, namely Shanda Consult Ltd in 2008, which is still highly successful today. With his passion for voluntary association work, Nolte is the President of the Cyprus Germany Business Association and also on the Board of the Cyprus Kuwait Business Association.

Liemeta is also equipped for certified and fully insured Art Storage in specially designated, climate-controlled areas of their facilities in Liechtenstein. A showroom facility is also available.

For more information on Liemeta ME Ltd, visit their website at or call direct on +357 22 272 320.