Traditional Cypriot Cuisine with a Difference – ‘Pinaleon’ Restaurant Review

We all have that favourite secret place that we love for Cypriot food. Pinaleon is certainly at the top of our list. The building is large and is housed in a beautiful old carob mill. It may not have stunning views, as it is on the main road as you drive up from the Mall heading to Kennedy Square, but it offers excellent food.

Traditional Cypriot Cuisine with a Difference.

It has taken the new owners five years to locate this building, which is perfect for their new restaurant. Andreas Constantinou and Yiannis Ioannou have been friends for many years and have worked in many successful establishments around Paphos. They decided to combine their catering experience together and open their dream venue – Pinaleon, which translates to mean, “Hungry Lion”.  

The Carob Mill building is a large space set out with many green and white check tables in a traditional rustic Cypriot style. Inside, the decoration is all to do with food, with the walls sectioned into different food groups – olives, carobs, wheat and wine. 

This is a meze restaurant but a meze with a difference, in that you can select exactly what dishes you fancy from the menu. The menu is large but the priority of the kitchen is to provide seasonal produce, which means that sometimes items on the menu might not be available.

The menu is divided into cold starters, hot starters, meze on the grill, meat on the grill and side orders. You then have the choice to select a portion for 2 or 4 persons depending on the size of your party. For our meal we selected the courgettes fried with egg, village salad, tzatziki, stuffed courgette flowers, spicy cheese dip, fried rocket with eggs and fresh onion, halloumi cheese, lamb chops with wild oregano and chicken from the grill. They were accompanied by homemade French fries sprinkled with wild oregano. They also serve one of the most delicious favas dips I have ever tasted. All were excellent and the word ‘feast’ springs to mind.

Other dishes which were available included pickled quail’s eggs, boiled snails with olive oil and vinegar, char-grilled pigeon and fried artichokes with eggs.

The wine list was very reasonably priced with Cypriot and Greek wines. Pinaleon produces Cypriot and Greek cuisine offering a truly authentic experience with fresh seasonal produce cooked to perfection. The opportunity to select exactly what you want instead of a whole meze certainly makes this place stand out.