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The ‘Vouni Panayias – Ambelitis’ wine region, at a height of 1100m, is considered to be one of the highest altitude wine regions in Europe. Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Cedar Valley and Pafos Forest, the steep slopes are covered by vineyards, planted in loamy soil with high levels of clay and limestone. The area is known for its mild climate and sunny, dry summers but also holds a reputation for above-average rainfall during the cooler months. All of this combined, creates the ideal habitat for the harvesting of excellent quality grapes.

Wine Column by George Kassianos, President of Cyprus Sommeliers Association

In 1999, the brothers, Marios and Leonidas Kolios, decided to develop their hobby of winemaking to a professional level and opened the Kolios Winery, which is positioned on a mountain peak between Ambelitis Village and Chrysorroyiatissa Panayia. Out of respect for local traditional architecture, they built the winery using local stone. Inside though, it is fully-equipped with all the modern winemaking equipment. They specialise in organic farming in their vineyards covering 100 hectares and produce, on average, 350,000 bottles per year.

Marios holds the role of ‘winemaker’ while Leonidas oversees the sales and commercial aspects of the business. Marios’ wife, Euthymia Kolios, manages the restaurant and winery.

Kolios Winery offers a complete experience for wine lovers. It is here you can find some of the highest quality wines in Cyprus, a retail shop offering a range of wine accessories and a highly recommended restaurant with an uninterrupted panoramic view of the valley.

Marios Kolios is a typical countryside man with a deep love for nature. He spends most of his time tending to the vineyards but occasionally helps his brother in the running of the Kolios Butchery & Delicatessen in Paphos. His mission is to make wines that are balanced and complex, reds that can age and create harmony on the palate.

They produce high quality wines using both local and international varieties. Their only white and best-selling wine, Persephone, is made 100% from the indigenous Xynisteri grape and is available in dry or medium-dry.

The Kolios Rosé, Cornetto, is made using the Mavro grape and the Status 99 is a red blend, known mainly for its sweetness. They also produce the Ayios Photios red blend, which is made mainly of Maratheftiko and Mavro grape varieties combined.

Mario’s tours of the winery shed light on his winemaking philosophies. “I love working in the vineyards, picking the grapes at the right time and allowing the wine to be what it is meant to be.” he says. Curated tastings take place in his low-key tasting room, where conversations about the wines are encouraged.

When they were building the winery, they discovered a natural spring in the cellar that still runs today. As long as the fire inside Marios is still burning, the spring will probably still be running.  

Kolios Winery is open daily from 9am – 4pm, except Sundays. For the restaurant, booking is essential: call +357 26 724 090

For more information, visit their website at KoliosWinery.com.cy