Featured Business awarded to Ophthalmic Opticians ‘Elean Opticians’ – Cyprus in Style



This month, December 2019, we were delighted to visit Elean Opticians, who have been awarded ‘Featured Business’ by Cyprus in Style Magazine. Opened just over 25 years ago, the business is owned and managed by, Elena Nicolaou, who lives in Paphos. The subject of ophthalmology has been a lifelong passion for Elena. She gained her degree in the UK before going on to work at the world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.  

Elena is not just an optician; she is an Ophthalmic Optometrist. When you are dealing with eyes, you really should only have the highest qualified and experienced professional looking after you. She is one of only 25 Ophthalmic Optometrists in Cyprus. She can diagnose all eye conditions and looks after her patients at the highest level.

More than just supplying a product.

She specialises in a variety of areas, including scleral contact lens fitting to correct distorted corneas, macular degeneration, children with amblyopia (lazy eyes) and progressive myopia, which is now at worldwide epidemic proportions. As Elena says, “I like a challenge because I believe that everyone deserves to have the best possible sight. When I examine someone’s eyes, using the latest technology, I am looking for anything which may affect their vision or health in the future”.


2 for 1 on all Prescription Glasses

or 35% OFF all Sunglasses

They stock a huge range of designer brands of glasses, including Gucci, Christian Dior, Rayban and Jimmy Choo. As a special Christmas offer to our readers, all branches of Elean are offering a 2-for-1 on all prescription glasses! The lower priced pair will be free. They are also offering 35% off all their sunglasses, which we all need, throughout the whole of the year, in Cyprus.  

You can see the real passion that Elena has for her profession. She not only wants to supply a product, but wants to follow everything through, making sure that the glasses fit well and are comfortable to wear. She is also always on the look out for macular degeneration, cataracts, cancerous tumours and pituitary tumours. She states, “We have made a big investment in the latest machinery to offer FULL eye examinations. This includes a retinol camera, pressure machines and a hospital-standard visual field analyser”.

Elean Opticians recommends that we should all get our eyes tested on a regular basis, particularly the over 65’s, who should be tested every 12 months. In Paphos, Elean Opticians are situated across the city, with 4 branches. There is one in the Mall, two down at the harbour and a large branch in the Old Town, just off Kennedy Square, where there is plenty of parking at the car park near the old police station.  

We asked Elena for the best advice for our eyes, which she said was to, “Always check that the optician examining your eyes is fully qualified and ask to see professional certificates. If he or she is not looking for pathologies, measuring eye pressure and doing multiple tests, you should be concerned”. Tel: 99 551 827 or 26 932 663.