La Bodega Premium Cava Deliver Wine and Gift Hampers while you Stay at Home – Artisan Wines, Luxury Gourmet Products…


La Bodega Premium Cava

**Christmas 2019** LA BODEGA PREMIUM CAVA is positioned, as you drive out of Paphos, on the back road heading to Chloraka, from the Old Town. As you pass, you can see the tables outside and great activity taking place from their enthusiastic wine tasting customers. This is not just a wine shop; it is so much more than that. The business was opened exactly 11 years ago by three brothers, who all share a love of wine and the finer things in life. Their aim is to source artisan wines and spirits, from around the world, and make them available to the people of Paphos. Kyriacos Kolokasides is at the helm in the cava and loves nothing more than imparting advice to his customers, about his wines and premium products. Kyriacos explains, “For me, it started as a hobby and I took more and more lessons to learn about wine. I realised that you couldn’t buy the wines I desired in Paphos and decided, with my brothers, to fill a gap in the market”. And so, La Bodega was born, with the name reflecting Kyriacos’ love of fine Spanish wines.


At this time of year, a large part of La Bodega’s business is the making and delivery of Christmas Gift Hampers. Kyriacos says, “A lot of our hampers are corporate gifts, which are given between companies. Others are for friends and buyers are able to make specific selections based on the recipient’s taste. We then create the festively decorated hamper and deliver it”. A particular favourite present, at this time of year, is a magnum of wine, available from just 25 euros. They have over 50 gins, over 200 whiskies and a selection of over 10 Italian Panettones. La Bodega is certainly a haven for foodies and the perfect destination for luxury gift buying for the gourmet this Christmas.

Since its opening in 2008, they have expanded into other areas to bring top of the range brands direct to their clientele. Today, the cava stocks wines, spirits, chocolates, delicatessen products, teas and coffees. They have taken the time to source the finest quality brands from all over the world and travel extensively to buy the very best.

The wine side concentrates on offering a selection of local and international wines, and most of the bottles are kept in a specially designed temperature-controlled room. Kyriacos states, “We have established a line of Cypriot wines working directly with producers, to try to offer new grape varieties. Our wines are produced with unusual grapes, which are unique and limited in number. In the future, we are going to expand the selection of rare Cypriot wines, which we can then recommend to our clients”.

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