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‘Planning a New Pool with a Client is Exciting’

Florida Pools & Spas

This month’s Featured Business has been awarded to Florida Pools, which has been established in Cyprus for over 20 years and are one of the leaders in the pool industry. They have two shops in Paphos; one located in Tremithousa and the other in Kissonerga. Both shops have fully trained staff to help clients look after their pools in the correct way.

Anna Wall, managing director of Florida Pools explains, “Our main focus is to supply what we believe to be the best pool chemicals across the whole of the Paphos District. We have also expanded into pool and jacuzzi construction”.

Chemicals, safety products, building complex kits and everything you need for the safe running of your pool are all available at Florida Pools & Spas. Anna states “People come from Limassol to buy our products as some of them are only available through us. Sogeclor is a product we really believe in and we import it into Cyprus ourselves. We also rate the quality jacuzzis that come from America, as these are superior to others, so again, we import them. We are also the sole suppliers of Aqua Net for the Pafos Region.”

When we asked Anna, what was the best part of her job, she explained that, “Planning a new pool with a client is very exciting. We try to offer a traditional customer service whilst at the same time exceeding their expectations”.

The practical side of the business is run by their senior technician, Marek Minarech, who has been with Florida Pools for over 12 years. He has a vast array of experience and oversees all of their projects.

Going forward, Florida Pools has developed a maintenance team so that they can look after their customer’s pools using their own products. All the staff are registered and qualified. Marek says, “This was a natural extension for our business due to the high demand from our customers”.

Anna and her team are great believers in giving back to the community they serve. Through their charity endeavours, Florida Pools has made a considerable amount of money for several local charities including: Paws, Pasykaf, CPSG and both local hospices. Members of their team also completed the Cyprus Marathon this year, which Florida Pools were delighted to sponsor.

Further information can be found about Florida Pools & Spas on their website.

Article by Cyprus in Style Magazine.