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ButcherBoy was opened in 1999 by the owner, Neofytos Hadjialexandro, a third-generation butcher. He was born in Paphos and has lived his whole life in the city. Following his national service, he went to America to learn their techniques of meat cutting and sausage making. On his return, he opened a butchery, under his own name, and then went on to launch, the now famous, ButcherBoy brand. ButcherBoy moved to their current premises in 2009, where there is a large modern space filled with meats, delicatessen and wines. Neofytos runs the shop with his wife, Niki, and a team of 7, who all contribute to the success of the business.

In the run up to Christmas, it is good to know what is available from this gem of a butchers. One of their most popular items is ham, which they sell a lot of for the Christmas season. Neofytos says, “It is cured the old-fashioned way. This is what makes the difference, as it is a 30-day process. This is now our busiest time of year, as we have to have all seasonal festive foods available for our old and new customers. We use local and imported turkeys. Our turkey crowns are very popular! We will also have goose, duck, sausages and stuffings”.

ButcherBoy is very well known for their sausages, so we asked what the secret was to their popularity. “It is all in the high-quality meat ratio and the special herbs we use. In order to get the balance right, we import the best herb mix from the UK, which makes all the difference to the taste of the sausage,” Neofytos told us.

Christmas Hampers, Meat & Cheese Platters from €20

This festive season, they also have meat and cheese platters available, which range in price from €25 – €100. These are the perfect way to entertain your guests at parties. With pork pies, salamis, cheeses, mince pies, cranberry sauce and Christmas puddings available from the Waitrose range, ButcherBoy is a one-stop-shop for Christmas food shopping.

ButcherBoy has exciting plans for 2020, as they are moving to new premises, which will be more accessible and offer their customers easier parking facilities. This will enhance the total shopping experience. Further details will be announced in the New Year.

Further information can be found about ButcherBoy on their website.

Article by Cyprus in Style Magazine.