Interior Design Ideas | Preserved Flowers & Greens by Kontor 202, Atelier & Lifestyle


Atelier & Lifestyle Lounge in Limassol

Managing Director, Ivanka Pittelkau

KONTOR 202 is well known for its creativity and bespoke approach to meet the needs and wishes of its esteemed client base. Kontor neither produces nor sells run-of-the-mill products. A lot of thought, hard work and material testing goes into the designs and products before launching or before installation.

Their Service Values are always at the forefront in everything they do. Sustainability and the environment are of vital importance at KONTOR 202, hence the reason why their main focus is on “preserved” florals and greens as opposed to fresh or artificial.


During the summer months and going into autumn they spend a lot of time preparing a new version of the much loved and sought-after ‘Chloe Flowerbox’.

The next generation ‘Chloe Flowerbox’ is now available in:

  • Intense. Powerful. Classy. RUBY RED!
  • Stylish. Precious. Playful. ROSÉ GOLD!
  • Noble. Iconic. Elegant. OXFORD GREEN!

The Chloe Flowerbox is handcrafted in their very own Atelier and embellished with a luxurious CHLOE • wax seal stamp. The range is inspired by deep, full-bodied colours of the season, yet colours that are so timelessly elegant. They are designed to spice up your four walls all-year-round, a benefit that preserved florals simply bring with them.


On their ‘Green Verticals side, this season, they are framing-it! Frames filled with preserved polar moss, jungle elements, 3-D protruding foliage, features of the forest… you name it. The beauty with frames is that they make a perfect gift and are also a movable installation. They can also be changed around ever so frequently.

KONTOR 202 is a family business that started 4 years ago as the pioneers in preserved products in Cyprus. Pittelkau stated that, “With a passion for florals, green interiors and design, we are thankful to and proud of our clients, our achievements and our projects.”

Further information can be found about Kontor 202 on their website.

Article by Cyprus in Style Magazine.