Review | Ambiance Cocktail Bar & Restaurant Review by Cyprus in Style

November | Cyprus in Style Magazine 2019

“… a façade reminiscent of a top London eatery.

Ambiance Restaurant Cocktail Bar

This month, our awarded restaurant is Ambiance, which has recently opened in the Old Town of Paphos, nestling down a side street just off Kennedy Square. Ambiance has a façade reminiscent of a top London eatery. Everything about it has been designed beautifully and some serious money has been spent on the plush interiors.

This restaurant has got it just right with tables perfectly positioned to afford privacy and the most comfortable seating we have ever experienced in a restaurant. Large banquette bench seating runs the entire length of both walls and the table settings are beautifully laid. There are tables inside and a couple outside on the Old Town’s characterful streets.


The menu offers a gastronomic selection of eleven starters and twenty-one main course options, which are divided into Platters, Salads, Pizza, Pastas and mains including steaks, burgers and pork chops. The chef has been inventive and creative. He has put his own take on a lot of well-known dishes and from our experience, this really works.


The wine and drinks list are both extensive with great emphasis on the fashionable Gin, which has its own menu. The wine list has a choice of red, white, rosé and fine champagnes but sadly didn’t contain many Cypriot options. We enjoyed a bottle of New Zealand Red, called “Mud House”, priced at 21 euros.


We had been warned by friends that the portions were large so we voted to enjoy just a main course, which was a shame, as many of the starters were so appealing. My dining companion selected the Pork Chops which arrived filling a very large plate. He said they were cooked to perfection and was a very generous portion of two large, meaty pork chops. It seemed only right to try their variation on a beef burger, which arrived on a baguette bottom shaped the same way. It is a long time since I have had a beef burger in a restaurant and this one was truly excellent. The quality of the meat, with a hint of cheese and barbecue sauce, made it a burger to remember.

Ambiance is now definitely on the list of restaurants to return to, as there was much that appealed on the menu. Next time, I think, we will share three starters as a meal as there are so many unique variations on the classics. The service was excellent and for once, with a new restaurant, they have covered all angles.

The vibrancy of the atmosphere was apparent in the way everyone was enjoying themselves. Our only thought in the future, is that it is probably wise to book as Ambiance’s popularity grows – which it will.