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In November’s Cyprus in Style Magazine we were delighted to gain the advice of the professional hairdressers, Jonathan Woodward and Alexander Marescu, based in their new salon in the Old Town of Paphos. They use the exclusive product range of Davines, which comes from Italy. Davines was launched in Parma, Italy, in 1983 and was originally a research laboratory for other brands, before launching their own range. It is available all over the world in over ninety countries. President of the company, Davide Bollati, states, “By creating beauty sustainably, we encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love”.

Davines product range was launched in Cyprus in 2005 and are stocked across the island at over 120 salons, including Woodward & Marescu Hair Salon in Paphos. Further information can be found at

Jonathan has worked in the hairdressing industry in London, Vienna and Birmingham, and has made his home in Cyprus for the last 14 years. He works in the salon with his partner, Alexander, who is a colour expert. Their salon is fashion focused and on trend. We asked them for their top haircare advice which can really make a difference:

Haircare Advice from Woodward & Marescu:

  1. If you have naturally coarse or curly hair, always use an oil which will moisturise, so that your hair appears shinier.
  2. For hair that lacks body, use a volumizing spray that does not contain alcohol. This will stop your hair drying out.
  3. People on the go all the time, should consider using a dry shampoo.   This will add thickness and bounce, and refresh the hair.
  4. Even if you are growing your hair, cut the ends every 6 weeks.
  5. If you are using hair irons, invest in a good heat protection product.
  6. For blonde hair, use a shampoo with a silver base, which will stop the colour going brassy.  
  7. Always have a deep conditioning treatment before and after a colour service.
  8. Never use baby shampoo. It is a myth that it is good for adult hair. It is not designed for this purpose.

3 Davines products we love:

  • OI OIL 135ml – 35 euros [left]
  • CIRCLE MOMENTS TREATMENTS – 10 euros each [middle]
  • ENERGISING SUPERACTIVE 100ml – 63 euros [right]

Article by Cyprus in Style Magazine