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Award-Winning Bronze Sculptor in Cyprus

A philosophical soul heavily influenced by his past, Philippos Yiapanis is now internationally recognised as one of the most famous, award-winning Cypriot sculptors on the Island. Based in the Limassol District and working from his hugely impressive sculpture park and gallery in Fasoula, life has not always been this successful. His dedication, passion and love of art are what got him to where he is today. It is through his sculptures that he expresses his deep and profound messages to the world.

Yiapanis was born in Famagusta in 1957, but like thousands of refugees, was forced to leave his town as a result of the Turkish invasion in 1974. It is, without doubt, an event that influenced his life thereafter and his work as an artist. Upon visiting the sculpture park and gallery for an exclusive guided tour, prepare for a tear-jerking experience as he speaks from the heart about his ongoing battle, dating back to when he was a prisoner of war during the invasion. Each sculpture tells a story and each story is a piece of his life.

Yiapanis works primarily in bronze from his studio in his very own ‘Mikri Salamina Sculpture Parkin Fasoula. This is where he lives with his wife, Maria Yiapani, and from where he works continuously on new sculptures every day. The female form, birds, fish and the human need for freedom are all inspirational topics that are clear for the eye to see in many of his sculptures.

Award-Winning Artist

In 2014, Yiapanis was presented with the ‘Sports & Arts’ award by the International Olympic Committee. In 2016, The Art Nest was distinguished as a remarkable project in the International Build Awards and Yiapanis was presented with the award for Innovation in Cultural Design & Best Cypriot Cultural Design Project. In 2017, Mikri Salamina Sculpture Park & Museum emerged as the Best Public Service Architectural Building in the European Property Awards, which is an internationally recognised institution and part of the global organisation of the International Property Awards. In 2019, Yiapanis was awarded Silver in the Cyprus Tourism Awards under the categories of museums, cultural and historical sites on the Island.

Today, you can travel the island and see Yiapani’s works on public display throughout various cities, including Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca and Ayia Napa.



Recently unveiled by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, together with the Community Board of Agios Tychonas, it is with great generosity that, Mr. Nikolay Ivchikov donated this sculpture to Limassol.


Selected in 2008 from 110 “excellent works” in the International Olympic Landscape Sculpture Contest. Olympic Spirit was also selected by the Chinese Post Office to decorate a Special Edition Album dedicated to the Olympic Games. The sculpture is now on display at the Olympic House & Park in Nicosia.


Another beautiful bronze masterpiece was installed on the roof of the Porto Bello Business & Cultural Centre in Limassol. The Mermaid of Porto Bello now overlooks the harbour and can be seen from a distance from all sides of the building.


In 1999, Philippos Yiapanis submitted a proposal for the public display of this sculpture to the Ayia Napa Municipality. He requested its positioning to be in Cavo Greco, near to his hometown of Famagusta. The message was clear. “The birds will be facing east, welcoming the new millennium. They are arranged in an ascending form, symbolizing the sun’s path… The sphere is an allegory of earth…” The plaque says “From Cyprus, to the World. From Earth, to Eternity. Message of Peace, Friendship, Freedom. Belief of God and to Man. 1/1/2000 A.C.”.


Dedicated to the unknown heroes of the Turkish invasion in 1974, this sculpture was placed in the square of Dead & Missing Persons at the refugee settlement in Agios Athanasios in the Limassol District. The sculpture was designed in honour of those who fought and lost their lives in Pentadaktylos, Mesaoria and Morphou during the invasion. It hosts 110 names of the late heroes and is one of Yiapanis’ most iconic works since he started his career in sculpting.

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