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Dining at local wineries in Cyprus is becoming quite the trend. Ranking as number one venues for dining events, the wineries offer traditional cuisine and are building a strong reputation among food and wine lovers across the Island. Vouni Panayias Winery provides a very high-quality gastronomic experience, as well as some of the most delicious wines Cyprus has to offer.

Wine Column by George Kassianos, President of Cyprus Sommeliers Association – Cyprus in Style Magazine – Feb 2020

Vouni Panayias Winery opened in the village of Panayia, Pafos Region, over 30 years ago. It offers excellent views of the region’s escarpment and unforgettable landscapes of undulating vineyards. The essence of this beautiful location can not only be visually admired but also tasted in the wines that reflect this unique growing area in Cyprus.

The Vouni Panayias Winery is one of the largest on the island. A great achievement for the owner, Andreas Kyriakides, who previously worked in the Department of Viticulture and Oenology as a production assistant for 14 years. He also spent a lot of time in the laboratory and the fields before deciding to start a new venture in producing his own wine. His brother and cousin are also part of this success story and have been from the start.

Production began with 100,000 bottles in 1987 when they started and has reached up to half a million!

The winery is built in local stone with wooden windows and close to 3 million euros was spent on its last refurbishment.  The wine cellar and stored bottles are positioned on the ground floor, along with the bottling section and an area devoted to the production of traditional grape juice sweets, such as Palouzes, Soutzoukos and Kiofteria. The reception and tasting area are large enough to accommodate one hundred people. The restaurant follows and is adjacent to the grape delivery and vinification section of the winery. We then move from the first to the second floor, where they have offices and a chemical laboratory, as well as a display area, with photographs of viticulture and viniculture.  

With 12 hectares of vineyards positioned at an altitude ranging from 900 to 1,150 metres, Kyriakides uses local varieties, such as Mavro, Maratheftiko and Xynisteri. Over the last few years, the winery is also producing Spourtiko, Promara and Yiannoudi – the new kids on the block. 

Moreover, the geological composition of certain vineyard soils is particularly fascinating at Vouni Panayia, resulting in the family performing trials with micro vinification. From the summit of the plateau or ledge of Vouni, with its clay, gypsum soil, the land begins to slope steeply, then, more gently, and the ground becomes more chalky clay, with varying proportions of limestone. A study of the soils, carried out by the Kyriakides clan, have allowed vineyard management to focus on a micro-cru philosophy, which is far more precise than typical parcel management. 

It is in an unspoilt area where you need a four-wheel drive to take you around. The scenery and the views are stunning, but the real treasures are the vines themselves, with a new type released every year. I cannot wait to get my tasting glass.

For more information, visit their website at VouniPanayiaWinery.com