Green Air awarded Business Insight by Cyprus in Style Magazine…

February Edition 2020


Energy-Saving Techniques & Renewable Energy Systems

Many people associate the colder climate with increased air pollution, higher electricity bills and energy waste, but this does not have to be the case. In February’s edition of Cyprus in Style Magazine, we spoke to Christos Makariou, the director at Green Air Ltd, to find out more about energy-saving techniques and the installation of renewable energy systems for homes and business premises. Green Air Ltd was launched in Pafos just over ten years ago and has since completed over 500 residential and commercial projects of all sizes across the Island. The team comprises of seventeen skilled professionals, trained in all aspects of planning, installation and maintenance of specialist mechanical systems. Their reputation as industry leaders is growing fast, and they rank as one of the best companies of its kind in Cyprus.


Green Air Ltd offers expert guidance to homeowners and business owners, and deals with every stage of the project from commencement to completion, and aftercare maintenance. Makariou states that “We design, build and undertake the maintenance of all types of energy-saving and renewable energy systems, no matter how complex, and are also able to complete comprehensive contracting services. We deal with high-quality and cost-effective solar-powered water pumping solutions from leading companies such as Wagner & Co and Lorentz, which enables our clients to achieve maximum efficiency and savings! Our company also provides reliable photovoltaic systems, cooling and heating systems, ventilation systems, fire protection systems and many more for the best possible return on investment.”


Considering the current climate in Cyprus, we decided to delve deeper and learn more about their cost-effective Underfloor Heating System. It is designed to create the ultimate warmth and comfort throughout your property, eliminating wasted heat at ceiling height. You no longer have to worry about extortionate bills or hazardous hot surfaces and, with safety at the core of every installation, each one comes with a solid warranty for your investment protection. Achieve indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction, radiation and convection. The demand for Green Air Ltd Central Heating Systems is increasing at a rapid rate and is fast becoming the preferred choice over the traditional radiator systems.

“Eco-friendly energy appliances are the way forward, and our mission is to provide you with the best source of energy in terms of performance, cost and service.” Makariou states.

Further information can be found about Green Air Ltd on their website at Also featured in our NEW In Style Business Network online directory.

Article by Cyprus in Style Magazine.