In Isolation with Andri Avraam, leading Dentist in Paphos



Andri Avraam was born and raised in Paphos. She studied to become a dentist in Frankfurt, Germany. Andri has over 32 years’ experience as a dentist and has her practice in the Old Town. For over 25 years she worked as a volunteer for the cancer charity Pasykaf and spent the last 8 years as President of Pasykaf Paphos Volunteers. She was also the Head of Marketing Volunteers for Pafos 2017.

April 2020

Where are you spending isolation and who with?

I am on my own at home in Anavargos. My son, Panos, is currently working in Nicosia General Hospital as a doctor looking after patients with the virus. I am very proud of him. I have not seen him for a while as he has been protecting me by not visiting even before the Lockdown. My daughter, Maria Stavria, who is also a dentist, is currently in Thessaloniki as she is furthering her studies with a specialisation in pediatric dentistry.

How are you coping with isolation? How are you staying busy?

It is extraordinary for me not to have a full agenda. I think it is the first time in my whole life as I am usually flat out, and my schedule is packed with appointments. At the moment I am enjoying reading books and looking after my garden. I am cooking a lot and trying out new recipes. A bonus at the moment is having the time to chat with my friends on the phone. I am also doing different exercises within my home.

What is the current status of your business?

Due to Government advice, my dental practice has been closed due to not having the correct personal protection equipment, as dentists work at close range with their patients. However, we have recently received the PPE we need and are now open to treat Emergencies.

Do you have anything you would like to promote?

I do not like to think of anybody in severe pain with toothache, so I am pleased for patients to call me if they need help, medication, or an Emergency Dentist Appointment. My telephone number is 99 675 555. I speak Greek, English and German.

Do you have a message/advice for other business owners?

My advice to everyone either with a business or not is to stay positive. Together we will get through this.

What is positive about being in isolation?

I have plenty of time to think about the questions which I have always had in my mind. It is time to think positively and respect the life we have been given. I certainly appreciate the freedom which we used to have before.

What is negative about being in isolation?

I always worry about my children but especially for my son as he is working daily with the enemy. I miss seeing my family and friends, especially my father, who is nearly 94 years old.

As you have been cooking a lot, can you share your favourite dish?

I am definitely cooking more as I have more time. I love meat, and my favourite dish is Kleftiko. Through this time, I am also trying to be healthy, and I am having a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit.

What have you been watching to pass the time? Can you recommend any films/series?

At the moment, I am only watching the news to get updates on the current situation.

What have you been listening to in terms of music? Can you recommend an album?

To have the time to sit and listen to music is a real luxury for me. I have been listening to classical music, and I have really been enjoying Mozart as his music is uplifting. I also enjoy Greek music and especially like Lavrentis Machairitsas. Another singer I enjoy is Andrea Bocelli, who did a concert online from Florence.

When things get back to normal, what are you looking forward to the most?

Really to be able to do the things I cannot do now and for everyone to come through safely so I can see my children, family and friends. I am also looking forward to swimming with the Paphos Winter Swimmers again.

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