In Isolation with Daniel Panayiotis, Sommelier & Manager, Wine & More by French Depot, Paphos



Sommelier & Manager, Wine & More by French Depot, Paphos

Daniel Panayiotis is the face of ‘Wine and More by French Depot’ in Paphos. As the Manager, he is responsible for advising on the best wines available. He is a trained professional Sommelier and an active member of the Cyprus Sommeliers Association. He attends seminars all over the world to further his knowledge.

May 2020

Where are you spending isolation and who with?

When I am not working, I am at home with my wife and son in Paphos.

How are you coping with isolation? How are you staying busy?

We are in a very serious situation, but I think a good sense of humour helps us all get through it. I am working fewer hours than before, so I am using the extra spare time to taste new wines and reading the wine books, I usually don’t have time to read.

What is the current status of your workplace?

The Wine Bar part of our Boutique is currently closed, but we are open for sales and deliveries. All our shops in Paphos, Nicosia and Limassol are open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Indeed, the Wine Delivery Service is hectic at this time as people continue to send in their orders via phone and email.

Do you have anything you would like to promote?

The delivery side of our business which is where customers can call or email us, select their favourite wines, and we will deliver. The main aim is to offer contactless delivery. We have some fantastic offers on our Facebook page – @FrenchDepot. Our customers are also very welcome to call me and discuss which wines they would like, and I can recommend dependent on their taste and budget. I really enjoy advising our customers and pairing a specific wine with a dish they are cooking. With our repeat orders, it is good to hear from our clients that I have got it right. The phone number to call me on is 26 100 555. For my colleagues in Limassol, it is 25 732 007,  and for Nicosia, it is 22 730 138. We are all offering FREE delivery with a minimum order of 70 euros.

Do you have a message/advice for business owners?

I think for everyone at the moment, my advice is to stay safe and healthy and to follow the advice of our government.

What is positive about being in isolation?

I feel that it has given everyone time for themselves so that we can realise what is important to us. To have time with our family when we are usually so busy and have so many commitments in our diary is a real treat for all. It has also been nice to do things that I enjoy but had forgotten.

What is negative about being in isolation?

The main negative is missing our friends and the family we cannot see at this time. I also miss our clients from Wine and More as I am used to seeing them at our regular tasting evenings.

Are you cooking and if so, share your favourite dish?

Yes, I am cooking. Although I am not a MasterChef, I am lucky to have access to the range of delicatessen products at Wine and More. We have a fabulous selection of excellent treats to help us get through these times.  My favourite dish which I have been cooking is Frutti di Mare with spaghetti. I also like Linguini with a tasty tomato sauce.

What have you been watching to pass the time? Can you recommend any films/series?

For any wine lovers, I would highly recommend the new movie called ‘Uncorked’. It is brilliant. During isolation, I have also watched a few of the old ones, including the ‘The Godfather’, ‘Scarface’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’.

What have you been listening to in terms of music? Can you recommend an album?

I enjoy Jazz and Classic Rock music. If I had to recommend one album for our times, it would be Bon Jovi’s ‘Keep the Faith’.

When things get back to normal, what are you looking forward to the most?

Hopefully, it will finish soon, and we can all be reunited with our friends. When the Wine Bar reopens, I am looking forward to our clientele returning and enjoying excellent wines together. To hear the sound of corks popping again in the Boutique will mean that we are all safely through this.

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