Oenou Yi Winery Omodos | Stone, Roses & Vines | George Kassianos



Wine Column by George Kassianos

President of Cyprus Sommeliers Association


 Omodos Village is situated 36km northwest of Limassol and is part of the ‘​​Krasochoria’ wine region. It is built near the western bank of ‘Ha Potami’ at an average altitude of 850 metres and is famous for its wine culture. It is perhaps the first village in Cyprus that many wineries use as a base. For the last couple of years, the Oenou Yi, Domaine Vassiliades Winery was the latest to be added to this extensive list. This winery is owned by Christodoulos G. Vassiliades, a successful lawyer born in Omodos and one of the successors of the long-standing winemaking tradition of the village.

Reflecting on winemaking as an art, and on the vision of the Vassiliades family, the winery’s main aim is to produce fine wines and make them available to wine lovers across Cyprus and abroad. The Oenou Yi Domaine Vassiliades Winery combines high-tech equipment with practices suitable for quality winemaking. It is a modern winery with well-designed vinification practices, designed tasting areas, excellent restaurant facilities, and well-trained staff who are ready to offer experiences that every faithful friend of the wine culture desires. The specially designed reception and hospitality desk aims to initiate their visitors on a unique trip covering the long winemaking traditions of the land of Omodos, and there is a shop offering the chance for visitors to purchase their favourite wines.

 The family vineyard, at an altitude of 800 metres, stretches to the top of Laona and Afamis Mountain at 1,060 metres. Christodoulos G. Vassiliades started with his father’s vineyards, and now, fifteen years later, the Oenou Yi, Domaine Vassiliades Winery dominates around 100 hectares of privately grown vineyards, with growth prospects over the next three years.

 The vineyards are planted in linear ‘shapes’ that facilitate cultivation. For the stone wall terraces, the traditional Omodos stone is used and prevents the erosion of the soil. Aromatic roses are also planted around the vineyards for protection and prevent diseases spreading to the vines. “Stone, roses and vines” describes and defines the vines of the estate.

 In the vineyards of the Domaine, exploiting the special and unique terroir of Omodos, thrive both Cypriot and international varieties. The local white varieties of Xynisteri and Morokanella, as well as the traditional red varieties of Maratheftiko, Yiannoudi, Lefkada and Mavro, show their identities.

 In addition, the white international varieties of Assyrtiko, Malaga, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon, as well as the international red varieties of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache, find new ways to show off their cosmopolitan character.

 Already, their annual production in bottles amounts to 200,000, which is an impressive number for a winery that was only recently launched. Oenou Yi also produces Commandaria and Zivania. Other than alcohol, it is also producing rose water from the roses planted around the vineyards and olive oil from the olive trees scattered around the grounds.

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