My Secret Paphos with Kyriacos Kolokasides, La Bodega Premium Cava – Cyprus in Style


Kyriacos Kolokasides

Partner & Director, La Bodega Premium Cava

Kyriacos Kolokasides runs both his family businesses (La Bodega and Time Out Kiosk) with his brothers. He was born and brought up in Paphos. He has a great passion for fine wines and established La Bodega with his brothers over eleven years ago. Their main aim is to source artisan wines and spirits from around the world, and make them available to the people of Cyprus. Kyriakos lives in Paphos with his wife and two children.


Favourite Beach? 

During the summer, my favourite beach is Ttakkas Beach near Latchi. It is very clean and quiet. It is the perfect location for family days out with my children. The water is fantastic.

Favourite Restaurant? 

I love visiting Duomo Italian Restaurant. Every aspect of this place is excellent, and it improves year on year. The food and hospitality get better and better. There is also an excellent selection on the menu.

Favourite Place for a Coffee? 

Cultivos Coffee is a new favourite of mine. I enjoy my coffee and relish the premium brands they serve here.  

Favourite Place for a Walk?

I love the seafront that goes along from the harbour to the little white church. It offers incredible views of the sea, and peace. I usually go there at 5am for a walk and also enjoy swimming throughout the year.

Favourite Place for a Cocktail?

I enjoy wine, but if I had to recommend somewhere for a cocktail, it would be Mr Tippler. They offer fantastic quality cocktails in the Old Town.

Favourite Day Off?

It would most certainly be with my family, either walking or biking in nature. During the summer months we enjoy the beaches together but in the winter, we enjoy the mountains. We also enjoy picnics together in the Kouklia area.

Favourite Charity? 

As a family and business, we try to support those in need directly. If we hear of a worthy cause, we are here to help them in different ways.

Favourite Spa?

When I have the time, I enjoy a massage at the Thai Baan Herbal Spa in Paphos.

Favourite Weekend Away?

When we have the chance, we enjoy staying the weekend in Mazotos, in Larnaca. It is an excellent place with a beautiful beach, and my children love it there.

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