Review | Vintage Art House Espresso Bar ‘A Hidden Gem’ | Best Café Bars in Paphos



Set amongst a tree-lined frontage, you might drive past Vintage Art House Espresso Bar and not even know it is there. It is a well-kept secret on a quiet street, not too far from the Law Courts. Positioned in a beautiful 1930’s old colonial-style building, this is a gem in Paphos. The inside is bustling with an eclectic mix of antiques and art, which serve as a reminder that this beautiful building was an antique shop before its conversion to a coffee house. There are small terraces and rooms inside to choose from, including a smoking room to the side. The outside space offers real comfort in both the front and back gardens. In the warmer months, there is a large outside bar where major sporting events are shown on the huge outdoor screen.

The coffee (both hot and cold options) is excellent with the beans supplied by the exclusive Beanhaus Coffee Roasters of Paphos. If you fancy a glass of wine, they have the small ‘airline’ bottles from Tsangarides Winery. They also serve a range of cocktails, but their most popular drink is called a ‘Vintage Gin and Tonic’ which offers an alternative to this classic drink using fresh pink grapefruit and herbs. In the mornings, together with their specialty coffees, they serve pastries and croissants. For the rest of the day, you are allowed to take in or have your own take-away food delivered, which is a unique and generous option.  

Vintage is owned by the charming Marios Kezelis, a former bank manager who started the business in July 2016.  Marios told us “My main aim with Vintage was to create an environment where people could come and relax, while serving the best beverages we could source”. A very friendly team supports him. Vintage is conveniently positioned right in the middle of the commercial district of Paphos and has plentiful free parking to the rear of the building. Thus, Vintage offers a perfect setting to sit, eat and enjoy the company of your friends.

We love going there for our meetings! Visit their Facebook Page for more information. Position your brand in style. Start browsing the #InStyleBusinessNetwork here.

Published May 2020