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Florida Pools & Spas has been established in Cyprus for over 20 years and is one of the leaders in the pool industry. They have two shops; one located in Tremithousa and another in Kissonerga in Paphos. Both shops have fully trained staff to help clients look after their pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis in the correct way. Anna Wall, Managing Director of Florida Pools & Spas explains, “Our main focus is to supply what we believe to be the best pool chemicals across the whole of the Paphos district. We have also expanded into pool and jacuzzi construction, and are offering hot tub and jacuzzi discounts across the whole of Cyprus ”.

There are many health benefits of using a hot tub or jacuzzi at home and the transformative benefits of warm water have been used for centuries across the world. Florida Pools recommends that for maximum long-term benefits, the hot tubs should be used for at least 20 minutes every day. Anna took the decision to only sell hot tubs which are imported from the USA due to their high standard of quality. Her jacuzzis have a focus on design, comfort and ultimately long-term performance.

Health Benefits of using a Jacuzzi (for just 20 minutes a day) at Home:

  • Promote Muscle Recovery
  • Decrease Stress Levels
  • Relieve Joint Pain
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Improve Sleep

The emphasis on comfort is all in the design of the seat that you position yourself in. The design is in the exterior of the hot tub and how it will look in the outside space. Very often, hot tubs are installed on the terrace of a villa or the balcony of an apartment and are in a prominent position, so it needs to blend into the surrounding environment. Performance is very important in that you want a reliable mechanical system that provides healthy, clean water. The hot tubs and jacuzzis on offer have exact jets which are aimed at specific areas of the body that you want to target. In the jacuzzi there are eight jets to aim at various body parts, from the neck to your calves.  

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Hot Tub Delivery and Jacuzzi Installation for Homes in Cyprus – Contactless Delivery Guaranteed.

Florida Pools and Spas offers hot tub delivery and jacuzzi installation for homes in Cyprus. For further information on hot tub and jacuzzi discounts in Cyprus, and a demonstration, visit the Tremithousa branch of Florida Pools in Paphos or call +357 26 811 161. Florida Pools and Spas is also featured in our #InStyleBusinessNetwork – start browsing here.

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