Louis Yiannapis ‘Free Soul’ of Outsider Art Studio awarded Featured Nicosia Artist …



Outsider Art Studio, Nicosia

Louis Yiannapis is a Cypriot artist based in Nicosia. He works from his art studio, ‘Outsider Art Studio’ which is open to the public and displays a wide range of his own eccentric and surreal paintings. Yiannapis is a playful and very likeable character with strong messages conveyed in each of his artworks. His work is often considered controversial while at the same time, incredibly thought-provoking and full of deep emotion. We speak to Louis Yiannapis ‘Outsider Art’ to gain a more in-depth view of what he does…

Working with leading Art Collectors in Cyprus and abroad…

Yiannapis’ work is popular with Cypriot, Greek and international art collectors. From 1992 to 1995, Yiannapis studied icon painting at the Emmanuel Panselinos School of Byzantine Icon Painting. Later in 2009, he went on to join and still is a member of the CO.BR.A artistic movement, from which, “The founders came from … the Flemish group Reflex, the Danish Høst and the Belgian ‘Revolutionary Surrealist Group,’ three movements in opposition to the dictates of Geometric Abstraction and Socialist Realism.”.

Yiannapis works with many leading art dealers, including, K.Kalai and the auctioneers, S. Kalais, for selling paintings to art collectors throughout Europe. He has also been a member of the New York Outsider Artist team, following the personal recommendation of the founder, Loui Vittonet, since November 2011. He has taken part in multiple group art exhibitions across Cyprus, at Thiseas Art Gallery and Pegasus Art Foundation in Limassol, and the Tehnis Dromena Gallery in Nicosia.

Art Therapy for the Mind and Soul

Admirably, for nearly 15 years, Yiannapis has also worked with mentally and physically abused children who have been raised in institutions across Cyprus. He teaches them how to freely express themselves using art as a form of therapy for the mind and soul. Sadly, many of these are orphans and live troubled lives with nobody to guide them, and some of these children have been severely mistreated and removed from their family environments for their safety. Yiannapis has also worked with children suffering daily with severe Schizophrenia and Depression.

“It is not easy working amongst the doctors and nurses, especially when I disagree with their methods of pacifying these already maltreated children, to control them,” Yiannapis stated.

The children’s strong influence on Yiannapis’ art style is visible to the naked eye. Yiannapis has a unique, inimitable style of painting which uses explosive colours to communicate direct messages to the world.

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