Escaping Real Lockdown in Paphos with Kate and Matthew Edmondson of TOTT Events!

Post Lockdown Paphos Interview

Escaping Lockdown

This is a Post Lockdown Paphos Interview with Kate and Matthew Edmondson, owners at T.O.T.T. Events Ltd (entertainment company) and the Lockdown Paphos Escape Games. Having lived in Cyprus since 2001, Matthew is a very accomplished singer who is normally booked at venues and on cruises months in advance! Due to the COVID -19 crisis, he is now available for immediate bookings until his normal seasonal commitments resume. Book Matthew to sing at your venue or at any private event by calling 96 732 565.

Where did you spend isolation and who with? Any pets?

We were isolated with our two children at our home in Konia. Lucy, our daughter (age 11) and Adam, our son (age 6). We feel fortunate as they have been getting on brilliantly about 99% of the time. Our two dogs and two cats are also getting on most of the time.

How did you cope with isolation? How are you staying busy?

K: I am doing okay. We’ve both been keeping busy doing gardening and lots of spring-cleaning. One of my hobbies is Pole Fitness. I’ve got a pole at home, so I’ve been making good use of it, sometimes even teaching Matthew!

M: Even though most of my entertainment work has finished due to the situation, I still work each weekday as a radio presenter in the afternoon on Rock FM.  All the presenters have been working from home. I have a little recording area set up in the cupboard in the spare room. I am also trying my hardest to help the kids with their homeschooling. My Greek is improving every day.

What is the current status of your business?

K: All of our work is in tourist entertainment. Generally, by this time of year, Matthew is out working as the Pirate Captain at the harbour most days and singing in hotels every evening. I would usually be busy training the escape game staff at this time of year. We would be looking forward to a busy summer season but without tourism, we are finding things difficult. 

Do you have anything you would like to promote?

M: Obviously, we would like to mention our Escape Games, Lockdown Paphos. We are very proud of what we have achieved. Even though we are not currently open, we hope to see many new faces joining us when we start again soon. This year, I would also like to promote my singing shows. I’ve been working as a cabaret singer nearly every night during the summer here in Cyprus for the past twelve years. Many readers might not have seen me perform because my work has always been in hotels and on cruises. This year, with the lack of tourism I will be looking for some other venues to perform in.

Do you have a message/advice for other business owners?

Don’t listen to fake news, either on TV or locally on social media. It will just depress you. With the recent events, many people on Facebook have been flippant with their comments regarding tourism. 

What was positive about being in isolation?

M: The best thing is obviously spending more time with the children. We’ve enjoyed lots of movie nights and doing arts and crafts. We even made our own Escape Game at home! Have a look at our video!

K:  My friends will confirm that I like my home to be ship-shape.  The recent weeks have given us plenty of opportunities to sort out the cupboards.

What was negative about being in isolation?

We are not able to see friends in person. We are really embracing technology such as Zoom.

Are you cooking and if so, share your favourite dish?

K: We’ve always cooked during the winter and very little during the summer due to lack of time. It’s been nice to have the barbeque out nice and early this year.

M: Like all lot of the world, I’ve been baking! 

What did you watch to pass the time? Can you recommend any films/series?

K: One of the sad things about this lockdown is that I’ve already seen “Game of Thrones!”.  I’m jealous of anyone who is yet to experience this masterpiece of television.

M: I’ve been really enjoying some films from a while ago such as the Peter Ustinov Poirot films. We all enjoy watching action-packed movies like James Bond.

What have you been listening to in terms of music? Can you recommend an album?

M: We usually have Rock FM playing during the afternoon. I listen to a lot of Radio 2 from the UK, and I also enjoy listening to bands from my college days such as Oasis.

As things return to normal, what are you looking forward to the most?

K: Working! We really hope that we can save some of our summer season. I’m also really excited that we are able to see all of our friends again.

M: Like Kate, I am also very eager for some sort of tourist season to begin so that we might get back to work. I am now really enjoying taking the kids to the beach and going on nice long walks. One of those “get in the car and travel” walks.

Start browsing the In Style Business Network or to book Matthew Edmondson for a music gig at your venue, please call  96 732 565. For more information about their Escape Games in Cyprus, please visit Lockdown Paphos here.