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Interior Designers in Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills Interior Design Project by Ampersand Interiors

Interior Designers in Cyprus – ‘Ampersand Interiors at Aphrodite Hills’ details a beautiful interior design project executed by Glen Young and Andreas Pavlou.  They are the owners of Ampersand Interiors in Paphos and travel island-wide for both domestic and commercial projects. In this article, we go behind the doors of a stylish golf villa in Aphrodite Hills they completed in 2016.

Project Description: Interior Design for Golf Villa at Aphrodite Hills


To bring the outside in.

The local landscape is sometimes hard to incorporate into the interior design schemes of luxury villas in Cyprus. This was the issue presented to one new property owner at Aphrodite Hills Golf & Spa Resort Residences, positioned just 20 minutes outside Paphos. In their interior design vision, they wanted to bring the outside in. As this property would be rented out to high-end clients, the interior design needed ‘the wow factor’, and also to take into consideration practicality, so that the interiors would last. The owner connected with Glen and Andreas from Ampersand Interiors who have years of interior design experience and advising clients on the best ways to achieve their desired look. The brief they received was, “stylish but durable enough for the clients who would be renting the property for their holidays”.


Inspired by natural surroundings.

Glen states, “Following our first onsite meeting with the client they gave us the colours they wanted to incorporate into the design scheme for the curtains and furnishings. We were then able to look through our books and design the property to include the client requests. Because the stunning swimming pool was just off the living room area, we were keen to use the blues as the dominant colour in this room to bring the outside in. We achieved this using a combination of blue and white fabrics. One was striped and the other, in contrast, was an intricate paisley design. Both fabrics picked up the colours of the pool”

The property has an additional four bedrooms which all needed outique-style upholstered headboards with divan bases covered in the same fabric, as well as all the soft furnishings and blackout Roman blinds or curtains. The client chose the colourways, and then Ampersand selected and supplied the interior design accessories. Against a neutral background in each room, they used a variety of different colour combinations in the interior design throughout the villa.

Andreas stated, “We often go on to do other projects with our clients. For us, we love the opportunity to design a whole scheme for a property and take that hassle away from the client. We design, make, and install furniture and curtains to our client’s requirements.”


A design that works and a happy client.

The finished result of the property at Aphrodite Hills is outstanding and has worked very well over the years for the client. He went on to use Ampersand Interior Designers on his home and also on another property at Aphrodite Hills.

The client said, “the most important aspect when working with a designer is always to find the common feelings and impressions between the client and the designer. This was certainly our experience with Ampersand. During our years of working together, we have always got on very well and have had no reason to look anywhere else”.

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