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Photographic Presentation by Michael Kouloumos


Photographic Presentation by Michael Kouloumos

Friday 10th July 2020 at 8:30 PM

House of Arts and Literature (Outdoor Space)

Following two photographic exhibitions by the Pafos-based photographer Michael Kouloumos, the Cyprus Photographic Society (Pafos branch) has arranged a special presentation of his work under the title “Jerusalem”. The presentation will feature a projected slideshow of photos by Michael, which were all taken in Jerusalem. There will also be a talk on the culture of Jerusalem and an opportunity for questions and answers at the end. Although the talk will be in Greek, the main media of communication will be the Photography and questions can be asked in English.

FROM PAFOS TO JERUSALEM: Stone, Cloth, Flesh and Water

As a street photographer who aims to portray the true feelings of a specific culture, Michael’s previous photographic exhibition was entitled From Pafos to Jerusalem: Stone, Cloth, Flesh and Water. It was originally shown at the Annabelle Hotel in 2018 and then moved to the Anassa Hotel in 2019. In the exhibition, Michael aimed to show the distinct differences between the two cities of Pafos and Jerusalem. Even the contrasting geographical locations of the two cities were reflected in his work with Jerusalem being positioned inland on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains, and Pafos, by the sea. The different religions and activities of both cities can clearly be seen in these works. Michael’s main goal is always “to cultivate tolerance and respect, transcending the taboos and boundaries that are set before us”.

DEPICTING LIFE IN JERUSALEM: Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The city of Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and offered Michael a myriad of exotic architectural forms to photograph the everyday life of the people. With a vast and diverse history, Jerusalem is a city that reflects the link to the three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Michael’s main aim is always to find out what lies behind the photograph and to make the viewer of his work consider the same question.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Self-discovery, visual literacy and expression.

Michael is humble when speaking about his work and achievements. Recently, as part of a multimillion refurbishment at the Almyra Hotel, he had the considerable honour of his Cypriot photographic work being selected for all the bedrooms and suites in the hotel. When asked to provide a clear insight into the objectives of his work, he stated, “I find the definition of one’s self problematic, even an impossible task. Maybe the action of myself taking pictures deciphers more of what needs to be demystified. I stumbled upon Photography by buying a camera and convincing myself that I needed to learn to use it as it was gathering dust on the shelf. Photography for me is a spontaneous life long process of self-discovery, visual literacy, and a way to express my feelings”.

NO STRICT RULES: Black & White vs Colour

Most of Michael’s photographic work is in black and white, but as Michael explains, “There are no strict rules here. I take photographs in colour as well. The hard part for me is knowing why a particular photograph should be black and white, and why others should be in colour. Sometimes, the answer is clear as you are just trying to capture the colour in the photograph”. His favourite subject to photograph is people. He likes to capture the human image without them knowing, naturally, as he does not enjoy the staged look. He particularly relishes conceptualised photoshoots of women. Photography for Michael is a way for him to show the human form.

Join Michael and the Pafos branch of the Cyprus Photographic Society this Friday to learn more about Jerusalem and its culture through his photographic images.

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