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Irina Tryfon, 1010 Hall, Nicosia

My Secret Nicosia – Irina Tryfon was born in Ukraine but moved to Cyprus over twenty-five years ago. In Russia, she studied Accounting and has worked in the banking sector for over ten years. She has three degrees and is a mother of three. She has also regularly modelled in the fashion industry. Six years ago, Irina established a new Art House in Nicosia called 1010 Hall. It is an art platform to host all types of events and is accessible to all ages. 1010 Hall has become a centre for artistic, personal, and corporate development.


Favourite Beach? 

In Protaras, where the blue sea meets the green sea. There is no name for the beach but it is right in front of my apartment. It is quiet and peaceful. You can recharge with all the positive energy.

Favourite Restaurant? 

I like small restaurants or local tavernas. Somewhere you can find say, just five signature dishes on the menu, which will always be freshly cooked. My favourite is Matthaios Greek Tavern.

Favourite Place for a Coffee? 

I always prefer small coffee shops with aromatic, freshly-brewed coffee. My favourite area for these is in the Old Town of Nicosia. I particularly like CITO gourmet express for a treat.

Favourite Place for a Walk?

I often go running in the parks of Nicosia. We are lucky enough to live in an area which is surrounded by the three largest parks.

Favourite Place for a Cocktail?

Definitely, 1010’s Botanic Roof Garden. It is an open-air rooftop garden. We have a signature list of Tanqueray Gin Cocktails which are served with gourmet street food bites. It is the perfect setting for a cocktail and listening to lounge jazz music.

Favourite Charity? 

At 1010 Hall, we have supported a wide variety of charities including Hope for Children and Pasykaf.

Favourite Day Off?

When I have time, I like to attend cultural events. I love going to the theatre. I also like going to galleries and attending master classes such as wine tasting with my girlfriends.

Favourite Winery?

In Cyprus, I like Zambartas wines. I went on one of their wine courses and really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot.

Favourite Spa?

I have two that I like in Nicosia. Dessange Day Spa and Hamam Omerye. The hammam reminds me of the Russian saunas. The only thing missing is the snow to jump into when you come out.

Favourite Weekend Away?

I enjoy visiting Paphos and feel that it has changed a lot over the last five years. The infrastructure has really improved and there is an arty vibe now. The sea down there is different as well and I feel that I am going abroad when I go to Paphos.

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