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BEST ROSÉ WINE IN THE WORLDWine and More by French Depot has boutique stores in Limassol, Nicosia, and Paphos. Positioned amongst the best wine shops in Cyprus, Wine and More by French Depot was established just over ten years ago and offers the people of Cyprus a taste of France on our Island. The main aim has always been to supply premier wines and gastronomic treats brought directly from France to the Francophiles among us.

Clos du Temple Rosé Wine in Cyprus

Wine and More by French Depot exclusively stocks ‘the best Rosé wine in the world’ in Cyprus. This considerable honour was awarded to the wine Clos du Temple by the renowned winemaker Gerard Bertrand at the 2020 Global Rosé Masters Competition. The Rosé wine won this accolade against over 200 other Rosés from across the world. The competition was a blind tasting with the judges not knowing the region the wine came from or the producer who made it. Clos du Temple comes from a biodynamic vineyard in Languedoc, France. The fact that it won this prestigious award shows that the Languedoc Region is capable of making a Rosé wine just as great as the more established Rosé wine region of Provence.

Rosé Wine from Provence

In recent years, Rosé wine has exploded onto the market and has grown dramatically in popularity. Wine and More by French Depot has kept up with this demand by offering their clients an extensive selection of imported Rosé wines from Provence. Christophe Chaillou, Managing Director of Wine and More by French Depot, told us, “The wine region which is best known for creating high-quality Rosés is most certainly Provence. The Provence region produces more Rosé wine than any other type of wine. I would always recommend this region for Rosé. However, Clos du Temple is the exception to the rule”.

Lightly-Chilled Rosé for Summer

Wine & More by French Depot is ranked among the best wine shops in Cyprus and has reported an increase in wine sales over the spring-summer period. As temperatures rise, the demand for White and Rosé wine increases. Gone are the heavy Red wines of the winter months as drinkers turn to lighter and more refreshing wines to enjoy during the heat. Rosé wine should be served cold or lightly chilled.

From Pale Pink to a Vivid Near Purple

Rosé wine is pink in colour since winemakers incorporate into the wine some of the grape skins. It is believed to be the oldest wine in the world in the form of a very early type of red wine. The colour can range from very pale pink to a vivid near purple colour. The colour of the wine is a result of the grape variety used and the actual winemaking techniques. In French, Portuguese, and English-speaking countries it is known as Rosé, but in Spanish, it is Rosado and in Italian, Rosato. Rosé wines can be perfectly paired with many typical dishes such as Barbeque recipes, Fish, Cheese, Fruit, and Salads. Rosé wine is available in both still and sparkling form.

Stocking the Top Champagnes and Best Vodka in the World, too.

Champagne for a special occasion has got to be of the most exceptional quality. Three of the top Champagnes in the world are Besserat de Bellefon, Drappier, and Jacquesson, and all can be found at Wine and More by French Depot. As a leading wine shop based in three cities in Cyprus, they have an extensive selection of wines from every region in France. They also have a variety of wines from across the world, including a range of wines from both the New World and the Old World. The boutiques also carry a wide variety of luxury spirits including Single Malt Bastille Whisky, Armagnacs, Cognacs, Calvados, and Moulin Vodka, which is well-known for being the best vodka in the world.

Delicious Deli straight from France

Wine always tastes better accompanied by a gourmet delicacy. All their boutique wine shops in Cyprus include a delicatessen section where you will find a wide selection of unusual French Cheeses, Pâtés, Foie Gras, Saucissons, Fine Chocolates, and Biscuits. Wine and More by French Depot is much more than just wine. They have taken their knowledge to expand and include products that can be eaten on their own or paired with their wines.

In-House Sommelier Guidance

At each of their boutique wine shops, you will meet a trained Wine Sommelier who is there to advise you and help carefully select the right wine for you. Sommeliers have studied for many years and know all their stock of wines.

A wide range of Rosé wines from Provence are currently in stock. Clos du Temple ‘The Best Rosé Wine in the World’ by Gerard Bertrand is available to pre-order exclusively in Cyprus at all Wine and More by French Depot boutiques in Paphos, Limassol, and Nicosia, or by emailing

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