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Annabelle Hotel in Paphos Offers Luxury Day Pass for Residents. Read our Review.

Annabelle Hotel DaycationThe luxury 5-star Annabelle hotel in Paphos has reopened. The Annabelle is now offering local residents the opportunity of a day pass which is the perfect luxury escape for individuals, couples, groups of friends and families. Position yourself on a sunbed by the pool or the beach, sit back and unwind. Leave your phones behind and treat yourselves. Cyprus in Style took the opportunity to experience a day pass to find out what everyone is talking about.

This luxury 5-sar hotel in Paphos has been one of my regular haunts for several years. The usual reason I visit the Annabelle is to meet a business colleague. It is the perfect place to have a meeting and enjoy the comfort and facilities of this splendid hotel with easy parking right outside the front door.  The ideal spot for a coffee is at one of the tables on the terrace – just off the reception area. The only problem is that it overlooks the main swimming pool. Therefore, many a time I have spied down on the tourists sitting on the loungers, quite rightly relaxing, with nothing to do. I have to admit that I have felt a tinge of jealousy and longed to be on holiday like them rather than dashing to the next work appointment.

With the current pandemic climate, a positive has appeared and my wish has been granted as the Annabelle Hotel has recently started to offer day passes so that everyone can use the hotel’s facilities. This is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy everything the hotel has to offer during these quieter touristic months. We now have the chance to enjoy the hotel and pool area on a daily membership basis – A Day Pass to Luxurious Bliss. It is an excellent chance for couples, singles, groups of friends and families to enjoy all that the hotel has to offer and has recently been extended to include every day of the week due to high demand.

We were keen to grab the chance to experience 5-star luxury for the day and getaway on a daycation. Last weekend we went to the Annabelle to be a tourist for the day. To attend the Annabelle Hotel for the day, all you have to do is check-in for your daycation by paying the very reasonable price of 15 euros. This will then give you a voucher for 15 euros which you can use as a credit for your food and drinks during your day.


We arrived at the hotel and were directed down the stairs to the swimming pool area by the charming porter Andreas. Once down there, we paid 15 euros each and received a 15-euro credit note each in return. Now, where to sit? On the beautiful thick sun loungers with umbrellas positioned around the swimming pool, or do we go down to the beach in front of the hotel? We opted for the pool area and started to get comfortable in our new home for the day. The hotel provides fresh beach towels and it was great to see the staff regularly sanitising touchpoints around the pool area.


One of the lovely things about the Annabelle Hotel is the size of their main pool. It was the perfect temperature and great for going up and down. On the day we were there, it was not that busy and we felt very spoilt having this 5-star oasis to enjoy in the sun. A lovely waitress called Andrea came to take our drinks order and delivered two iced frappes direct to our sunbed. This is the life!


While the Mediterraneo Restaurant at the hotel was open, we decided to have lunch from the poolside menu. This way, we didn’t need to leave the comfort of our sunbeds. Andrea took our order, and the food duly arrived on trays. We decided to order two dishes which we could share and take our time over. The Panini with Buffalo Mozzarella was a generous portion and served with oven-baked vegetables. The other dish we decided to have (as we felt we were on holiday) was Paranza. This was an excellent selection of deep-fried seafood served with a lemon and chive salsa. Both of the dishes were excellent. As the afternoon passed far too quickly, we decided to end our mini daycation with an early evening drink. Within minutes of placing the order, our Watermelon Daiquiri and a Beer were delivered to be enjoyed. Bliss!

As the time approached to go home, we have to admit we were sad to leave. Genuinely, for one day, we had escaped the world and had a wonderful time swimming in both the pool and the sea, just relaxing. We cannot recommend this experience highly enough and would urge people to make the most of it while it is available. Remember, now it is available every day of the week.

Now that the hotel is back in action, the Spa has recently reopened, but all appointments need to be pre-booked. We will definitely come again soon but will include a spa treatment for the ultimate relaxing experience.


If you are working every day or just want a change of scenery, this is your chance to disconnect from the world. Buy a Hotel Day Pass, get away on holiday and relax for one day.

Visit the Annabelle Hotel website at or call +357 26 885 000 for more information.

Published by Cyprus in Style August 2020 – #InStyleBusinessNetwork