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“A unique Cinsault grape from a 40-year-old vineyard, brought back to life with a touch of art”.

Red Wine CyprusWhen Yorgos Papadopoulos and his partner Arjen De Neve returned to Cyprus from London in 2017, they decided to make their home and art studio in Yorgos’ family home in Kedares. In addition to the main property in the village, they also had a vineyard of 1.1 hectares which had been planted over 40 years ago by Yorgos’ father. The main problem they faced was that the vineyard had been neglected for 15 years and most of the locals in the village thought they would be unable to turn it around. They advised to burn the vineyard and replant it with plum trees.

The vineyard has vines of the Cinsault grape variety which is the 4th most planted grape in France. It is known to be resistant to drought, and that is why it was first introduced to Cyprus. After a bad start in 2018 when their first harvest failed partially due to their inexperience but also due to unusually late rain in May and June, the 2019 harvest has proved to be a very successful year for Yorgos and Arjen. In association with the family-owned boutique Nelion Winery in the next village, and the expert advice of their Oenologist Marinos Ioannou, they have produced over 1000 bottles of wine in 2020!

We asked George Kassianos for his Review of Yerambellos…

Our wine writer George Kassianos, President of the Cyprus Sommelier’s Association, told us, “The 2019 Yerambellos varietal, 14.5% alcohol, is a bright ruby colour with fresh dark aromas of red and dark cherries, strawberries, blackberries, sage and notes of all spices. This delicious and spicy fruit is surrounded by youthful tannins and bright acidity, giving a refreshing fruity wine. The playful nature of this wine creates flavours that bring back memories of carefree days lounging in the countryside. This wine is perfect to be paired with Peking duck, roast chicken and turkey, lamb burgers, pork kebabs, as well as vegetarian moussaka”.

We then spoke to Yorgos and Arjen to find out more about their wine-producing journey in Cyprus and their future plans for more wines.

When you returned from London, did you always plan to produce wine from your vineyards?

Producing wine was never really a part of the plan; it just evolved. Seeing the vineyard so terribly neglected was painful. When we found the grapes and tasted them, we both intuitively knew the vineyard had to be saved. Along the road to becoming vignerons, we started considering the possibility of making wine ourselves. Also, our decision to take up residence in Cyprus helped, as we were gradually spending more and more time here. A vineyard needs constant attention!

How did you collaborate with Nelion Winery?

Our 2019 harvest of 3922 kg was delivered to Nelion thinking it would be used as a blend for their table wine. But their Oenologist Marinos Ioannou told us that the quality of our grapes was excellent and he offered to do a micro-vinification for us. It has been an incredible journey from start to finish. Marinos has kept us involved during every stage of the process.

What inspired the name of your wine ‘Yerambellos’?

Yerambellos is the name of the hamlet of Kedares where the vineyard is located. It literally means ‘old vineyard’. We like to think ‘old’ refers to the time Kinyras, a famous hero and king of Cyprus had his summer residence in Kedares … but that could be a myth.

What inspired you (Yorgos) with the label design?

The artwork created to make the labels is a development of the Oenography series. In this series, I tried to mimic the movement of wine in the glass in the fluidity of the silicone gel I used to laminate sheets of glass. A similar fluidity is used in the hand-painted bottles which are a limited edition of 100 and come with a wax seal.

What are your plans for the vineyard?

We are working hard to repeat the success of 2019. Cinsault is a very versatile grape. It could be used to make a port-wine, so maybe there is room for a second label? Maturing the wine in oak barrels is something we would like to try. Nothing is set in stone yet, but there is definitely a lot to look forward to. Concerning the Limited-Edition bottles, ideas are also bouncing off the wall. We want to keep creating a new series for the future, but it is too early to reveal the plans at the moment. 

How can we buy your wine?

The best way to get hold of the limited stock is to email us: Our prices do not include delivery. For deliveries in Cyprus, we can send by courier. A new and delicious red wine ‘Cyprus Style’.

See more at Yorgos Studio.

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Red Wine Cyprus