Technopolis 20 Cultural Space in the Heart of Paphos Town – Cyprus in Style



Technopolis 20 is a trendy venue located in the Pano Paphos area, not too far from the law courts. The cultural centre was launched in 2014 by Markella Neocleous and Marina Symeonidou who have known each other since kindergarten. They are two friends who both shared the same vision to create an open space of culture, accessible to all. Their primary mission is to “promote classical and contemporary culture, to support Cypriot artists and to cultivate artistic culture further”.

The building itself is imposing. Technopolis is housed in a preserved and renovated neoclassical mansion which was built in 1920. It offers a variety of spaces that can be used together or individually for an event. The room at the centre of the building is the main stage venue for performances. This space has witnessed mainly musical concerts, literature events, lectures and theatrical productions. There is a larger studio which is suitable for screenings and workshops, and further exhibition and seminar rooms. Very often, these rooms have also been used for excellent art exhibitions. During the summer months, Technopolis 20 has a big garden where it continues its music concerts and open-air film screenings.

Since opening, they have held over five hundred events and collaborated with numerous artists from both Cyprus and abroad. The last five years have been focused on all genres of art, mainly musical concerts (classical, jazz, ethnic, traditional and contemporary), film screenings, art exhibitions, theatre and art performances, book presentations, family events, workshops, seminars, corporate events and much more.

For more information on the events taking place at Technopolis 20 and their opening times, please visit their website at

Published by Cyprus in Style August 2020 – #InStyleBusinessNetwork