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Do you have a swimming pool at your home in Cyprus? A swimming pool in your garden is always the most dominant and essential feature. If it is tired and faded, this will reflect the whole property in a negative light and can seriously devalue your home as a whole. There is nothing worse than a murky green pool or an empty pool filled with leaves. Indeed, even if the water is still in, it is no good having a leaking pool as this will cause damage to the actual swimming pool and its foundations. This was the problem faced by one property owner in Paphos recently. They were not sure what to do with their swimming pool at their home in Tala Village.

Time for a Pool Renovation

The swimming pool had long been neglected and, quite literally, needed everything repairing. The owners decided that at the same time as refurbishing the swimming pool, they would also have a wave machine installed so that they could exercise regularly by swimming against the current. In short, they decided a full swimming pool renovation was required.

Planning the Pool Renovation

Unsure of where to start with the swimming pool project, they contacted one of Paphos’ leading Swimming Pool Maintenance companies, Florida Pools and Spas. After an initial meeting with the clients, Florida Pools designed a complete pool refurbishment plan for the client. This included the construction of concrete steps, installation of marble stone coping, the relining of the swimming pool with one of their signature German swimming pool liners, installation of a counter-current unit, new skimmers, lights and the construction of a new pump room.

Selecting the Best Swimming Pool Liner

The swimming pool experts from Florida Pools & Spas gave the client a great variety of swimming pool liners to select from. They have a range of swimming pool liners from Germany, Israel, Canada and Spain. All pool liners are provided with a ten-year guarantee, as long as the swimming pool has been maintained correctly using professional chemicals.

Anna Wall, Director of Florida Pools and Spas, told us, “We have a huge selection of swimming pool liners which are available to view in the catalogues and samples. We also have an extensive selection of photographs of all the swimming pool liners we have replaced over the years. We always advise our clients to go for the best quality swimming pool liner that they can afford. Pool liners are an investment for any property in Cyprus whether renting short or long term, or planning to sell the property”.

Reasons for Replacing the Pool Liner

The need for a swimming pool liner to be replaced in Paphos often occurs due to age but it can also occur due to sun damage from the UV rays, over-chlorinating the swimming pool and not maintaining the pool and machinery correctly. Of course, just old age can cause a swimming pool liner to develop small holes or tears, which can also lead to various serious long-term swimming pool problems.

Request a FREE Pool Liner Survey for your Pool

In Cyprus, we spend a great deal of time outside during the warmer months and your swimming pool will make all the difference to your outside space as these photographs of the ‘before and after’ by Florida Pools show. To make your outdoor space fit for a summer pool party, call Florida Pools & Spas and ask for their Free Pool Liner Survey. A member of their team will come out to you and discuss your swimming pool requirements. They will then measure the swimming pool and provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs.

Take the next step; refresh and modernise your swimming pool with Florida Pools. Florida Pools & Spas specialises in pool maintenance and pool renovations in Paphos. They have two swimming pool shops in Paphos with swimming pool chemicals and accessories for sale. Both shops stock effective swimming pool chemicals and pool liners. For further details, please see their website and Facebook page.

Published by Cyprus in Style August 2020 – #InStyleBusinessNetwork