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Where to buy gifts in Paphos?Love Island Cakes is not the obvious place to go to find exquisite gifts but this is a gift shop that we highly recommend for a quality gift selection suited for all special occasions. Whilst Love Island is famous for its delicious cakes, it has also expanded to offer a wide range of exclusive gift lines. Think quality and style! It is always challenging to find that perfect gift for a friend or family member but now, Love Island Cakes is offering a complete package combining gifts and cakes. These days, so many events are celebrated worldwide, including Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Baby Showers, Name Days, and Graduations. Gifts are also bought as a gesture to wish someone a simple Thank you or Get Well Soon.

The gift selection at Love Island Cakes has been specially selected and imported to offer a very different gift, ranging in price from 2 to 100 euros. The gift selection at Love Island offers something for everyone. They also have a huge range of cards to wish your loved one a special day. Increasingly, they are finding more and more that people are looking for the complete package when it comes to gift-giving in Paphos. Love Island is the place to go to get a wonderful present that is out of the ordinary and to show how much you care.


We recently went to Love Island to source a birthday gift for a friend. It is always hard to make a gift count but we were astonished at the extensive range of gifts on offer. We also liked the idea of combining a gift with one of the cakes from their in-house bakery! Currently, they are offering either a Cake Gift Hamper, or you can select a Cake in a Gift Box. One of the most popular cakes is the Semi-naked Buttercream Cake with Chocolate Drips. This can be topped with whatever you like, so we selected fresh flowers and macarons to make a visual impact on the ideal birthday gift. The cake is presented in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon and candles on the cake. I know the recipient will love it and will really enjoy eating it on the one day of the year she does not need to feel guilty – and should be showered with treats. If you would like a specially made cake as a gift, you need to give Love Island four days’ notice before collection.


When I collected my cake, it looked amazing but I decided to jazz it up some more with helium balloons which are also available from Love Island. Eventually, taking the colourway from the cake, I decided on a bunch of five helium balloons.


Now to the gift. What to choose? They have so many beautiful gift choices that it is tough to decide on just the one. For the purposeful cook, they have some elegant and stylish kitchen accessories. They also have an exclusive range of luxury candles and diffusers in a variety of wonderful fragrant options. For the home, there is also a selection of gift ideas. On seeing an Olive Grove Candle in a glass holder with a lid and a lovely diffuser, I knew this was the gift I was looking for. These candles are made by an independent home interiors brand in the UK and are based around conscious living. They produce a beautiful and strong fragrance when used and a long-lasting aroma.


So now, I have my cake, candle and diffuser, but how will I present it all? I was amazed to see that Love Island stocks the latest gift wrap range from the Designers Guild in the UK. They have the full collection in vibrant colours and with a variety of floral and modern designs. This gift-wrap will really make a statement. They have a selection of wrapping papers that are available on a 3-metre roll and I thought it offered excellent value as it will last to wrap many more gifts in the future. They also have a selection of beautiful Designers Guild gift bags in all sizes with matching tissue paper. This makes for a fast and easy option to wrap any gift and was actually what I finally selected for the candle. I also bought some of the gift wraps on a roll as well for future celebrations that require a unique gift for a loved one. If you are thinking about where to buy gifts in Paphos, try Love Island.

I am all done! I genuinely hope that my friend enjoys her birthday gift as much as I enjoyed putting it together for her. With the coordinated cake, balloons, gift bag and fabulous card, I am sure she will be delighted! Love Island Cakes & Gifts has everything you need to make someone’s special day, and with the chance for a coffee and one of their amazing cakes from their in-house bakery, this makes for the perfect shopping experience in Paphos.

Where to buy gifts in Paphos? Love Island Cakes is situated on Leoforous Christou Keli 7, 8574 Kissonerga in Paphos. Call 99 746 860 or send a direct message to their Facebook page for more information.

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