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Art & Culture Cyprus – The acclaimed Nicosia-based artist Marina Giannou Erotokritou has undoubtedly burst onto the international art scene through her beautiful works over recent years. As Marina states, “I like to paint in an autobiographical way. I take a deeper look into the eyes of the people I paint and aim to reveal their passions, mistakes, thoughts and dreams. Sometimes, I like to show my greatest fears”.

Marina remembers drawing during her childhood and says it was a breathtaking experience for her. She feels that a lot of her instructions to paint are like déjà vu and she sometimes finds that her brushstrokes on the canvas are a reflection of her feelings towards the subject. Marina says, “Every piece of art for me is like a newborn child. My greatest joy is the feeling before, during, and finishing a new piece of art. Feelings are essential. If you don’t feel, I believe you cannot portray the real soul of the person”.

Art & Culture Cyprus

As an artist, she cites the Renaissance Artists as a significant influence on her own style. She reflected that in those days, the artists had nothing to record what was happening but that they succeeded in giving us and telling us everything about this period through their works of art. One of the artists she most admires is Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an Italian painter who observed the human physical state in detail, always with a dramatic use of lighting. On seeing his works at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Marina recalled that “I could not take my eyes off his work. I felt that I was there and could almost smell the blood in the picture. It is unbelievable how he is able to use light in his pictures”. Indeed, the influence of Caravaggio is clear to see in Marina’s works. When her works of art were exhibited at an exhibition in Florence, she felt humbled and emotionally moved to be in the company of such great artists.

‘Art is alive and needs to give energy to the viewer’

Marina works in oil on canvas and sometimes oil on wood. Her favourite subject matter is most definitely portraiture and says, “I love portraits as I feel that through their eyes, I can express the condition of their soul as also my soul”. When a collector asks her which painting to purchase for a collection, she advises them to select the one they bond with the most. “Art is alive and needs to give energy to the viewer”, she says.

Marina has exhibited in Florence, Versailles, Vercelli, Milan, the Canary Islands, Krakow, Athens, and, of course, Cyprus. In 2015, The Municipality of Limassol held an exhibition of her work to celebrate Woman’s Day. Her works can be found in the collections of the Municipality of Limassol, the Kivotos Foundation in Paphos, the Athens Developmental Centre, The PISTI Association in Greece, the Iliaktida Zois Foundation in Larnaca, the Autism Centre in Italy, the University of Popolare in Vercelli, the private collection of the Austrian Ambassador in Vienna and the Italian and Lebanese Embassies in Nicosia.

In recent years, she has been involved with the presentation of the psychological book “La Voyage d’Aphrodite” with the Italian professional photographer and Art Director of Popolare University, Professor Marco Barnabino. It was initially launched in Italy but was brought to Cyprus by the Mayor of Nicosia. This project followed an association for Marina with Marco after they met in Florence and worked together on a project called “Trapped in Time”.

Marina’s Current Projects

Marina is currently working on a group exhibition with her students at her art school. She is also finishing a major project called “Ten Portraits of Bohemian Years based on Spanish Literature”. In these works, she features poets and writers from the bohemian years after their works inspired her through her own studies of that time. Marina admires these characters as they wanted future generations to understand, through their work, how they lived through those years. They wanted to write about their passions even during dark times. Marina is also working on her solo exhibition entitled “Looking for the Light” which will be exhibited later this year.

SAVE THE DATE – 11th September 2020

The art students Marina has taught will be holding a group exhibition to show their work from the last two years. As Marina explains, “my students are very talented and their work is full of love and passion”. The exhibition will take place at Ev Agein Gallery on 11th September at 8 pm. The gallery is situated at 26 Prodromou Avenue, 2063, Strovolos, Nicosia.

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Artist Photograph by Pavel Ermilov