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Lifestyle & Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Best Hot Tubs Cyprus – As the summer continues and we are all enjoying the joys and benefits of swimming in our pools and the sea, now is the time to be thinking of a ‘water’ replacement for the colder months. Here in Cyprus, we are fortunate to enjoy mild winters. This means that an outside hot tub is an ideal treat to continue our water therapies. There are many benefits to owning a hot tub that not everyone will be aware of. Medical studies back up most of these claims so as well as the obvious relaxation benefits they offer, it is good to know that there are medical advantages as well. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a hot tub in Cyprus and speak to a recent ‘hot tub convert’ who bought one two months ago.

“Owning a Hot Tub has helped my Arthritis.”

James Guthrie, who lives in Tala, has never owned a hot tub before but was prompted into buying one on the recommendation of a friend who has had one for several years. James told us, “My friend told me about the hot tubs and how they massage certain parts of your body. Once you reach a certain age, the aches and pains become more and more. He saw me struggling with my arthritis, so I decided to buy one. It has proved to be a very worthwhile purchase. Of course, it has not got rid of it completely, but I do believe that it has lessened the pain and enabled me to get a better night’s sleep. My wife and I also enjoy the relaxation side, particularly after a busy day of outdoor physical activity. We both enjoy hiking, and there is nothing nicer after a long walk than getting in the hot tub”.

Hot Tub Covers protect against Outside Elements.

Most properties in Cyprus will have the desired outside space that is necessary to accommodate a hot tub. You mainly need an area which is flat and large enough to house your selected model. Some owners might prefer to have them undercover to ensure they are protected during the winter months, but the choice is entirely up to you as all hot tubs will come with a cover for the actual tub which protects it against dust and leaves. In Cyprus, the hot tub cover is an excellent weapon against the ever-falling bougainvillaea flowers. While the cover protects against outside elements, it also has the added benefit of keeping the warmth of the water in during the cooler months.

Hot Tub Massage with a Glass of Wine, anyone?

The most obvious benefit of a hot tub is relaxation. What can be more relaxing than lying back in a spa to enjoy a targeted massage from the angled jets? A hot tub also gives a chance in our hectic lives to enjoy quality time with our loved ones. Whether with a glass of wine or a coffee, ‘hot tub time’ is a chance to chill and enjoy each other’s company. It is said that even just the action of the hot water causes the body to relax and aids you in getting a good night’s sleep. This is since the warm water raises your whole body temperature, which in turn, relaxes your muscles. This can aid and alleviate any pain which might be caused by muscle strains or indeed, arthritis.

Hot Tubs for Headache & Pain Relief.

For those of us who suffer from headaches, there is the possibility that a spa bath might give some relief. This is because the hot water dilates your blood vessels, which in turn, relieves pressure on the head and can offer some relief from a bad headache.

While these claims for hot tubs might seem incredible, it is worth noting that significant studies back them up. In addition, for anyone with any kind of medical condition such as cardiovascular disease, you are always advised to seek the advice of a medical professional to check that it is suitable for you before using a hot tub. Pregnant women are advised not to use a hot tub.

Hot Tub Special Offers & Friendly Guidance.

So, if you are thinking of preparing for winter with the purchase of a hot tub, get in touch with the friendly team of industry professionals at Florida Pools & Spas. They will be delighted to show you all the models they have available and discuss precisely what you are looking for from your new spa. They range in size, colour, design and jet options, so it is always wise to take their advice to make an informed decision. Currently, they have a Palatino Hot Tub model in stock which seats six people, has 45 hydromassage jets and an LED colour-changing display reduced from 16,250 euros to 11,550 euros. This is a showstopper of a hot tub.

Still, if you are looking for a cheaper version, they are available from 4,000 euros with a two-month delivery window. If you are looking for a new hot tub for the winter months, it is very wise to plan early as the delivery time could take a couple of months.

Best Hot Tubs in Cyprus Imported from America.

Florida Pools & Spas has been established in Cyprus for over 20 years and is one of the leaders in the swimming pool and hot tub industry. They have two shops; one located in Tremithousa and another in Kissonerga in Paphos. Both shops have fully-trained staff to help clients look after their pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis in the correct way. They have a vast selection of hot tubs available and import them from America to ensure long-term quality. As part of their package, they always include the delivery of the spa within the Paphos area (island wide at an additional cost), positioning of the hot tub, a hot tub cover, an exclusive spa chemical starter-pack and most importantly, a lesson in how to run and look after your hot tub.

Florida Pools & Spas provides everything you need for your new hot tub. The only thing they do not do is an isolation switch which needs to be put in by a qualified electrician. They can recommend an electrician or you can use your own. Anna Wall, Managing Director of Florida Pools & Spas, explains, “Our main focus with our hot tubs is to supply what we believe to be the best spas across the whole of Cyprus”.

To find out more about some of the best Hot Tubs in Cyprus for sale, visit Florida Pools and Spas or call direct on 26 811 161.

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