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Soli Gin Made in Cyprus



Gin is, quite literally, everywhere at the moment and is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. A brand new gin has recently been launched in Cyprus using locally-sourced natural ingredients and goes by the name of ‘Soli Gin’! Cyprus in Style spoke to the directors of the company about where the initial idea came from and how they have launched this hand-crafted gin in Cyprus. They have just produced a limited-edition bottling of 1000, under the name of ‘The Founder’s Limited Edition’. This bottle of Soli Gin is black with real gold leaf lettering and a hologram safety seal of authenticity. Next month sees the launch of two new variations of Soli Gin called – ‘Soli London Dry Gin’ and ‘Soli Pink Cherry Gin’.


The idea of producing a Cypriot gin called Soli Gin was born by two lifelong friends, Tim Lacey and Ron Oakeley, who share a serious passion for the perfect Gin & Tonic. It came about while they were walking their dogs in the Akamas and observed an abundance of juniper berries – the essential botanical ingredient for giving gin its distinctive flavour. After discussing the idea further, they discovered that Cyprus was the natural habitat for juniper berries and other botanicals used for flavouring gin, including, rosemary, pink peppercorns, terabinths and hibiscus.


It was then they realised they needed to learn more about the gin-making process and decided to attend an in-depth course on the subject. Tim and Ron furthered their knowledge on how to use botanicals for the perfect flavour and also learnt about the distillation process. As Tim explained, “The key to a good gin is in the quality of the botanicals used. The proportions have to be carefully selected, weighed and balanced”. After two years of further research doing sample batches, they found their perfect gin recipe. Finally, they had a gin that they thought combined all the right flavours and offered distinct botanical and citrus notes, which matched well with tonic water. Next, they just needed to work out how they could produce their gin, on a commercial basis, at the optimal carefully-controlled speeds and temperatures. The final recipe for Soli Gin is top secret!


After several meetings, it was agreed that Soli Gin would be produced at the Kamanterena Winery (formerly SODAP) in Paphos, in a dedicated still. They worked with the team from SODAP using their experience of balancing the alcoholic volume, the aroma and the taste. Obviously, the quantities needed to be dramatically increased to produce it on a commercial scale. Still, it was essential to both Tim and Ron that the gin retained its originality to their recipe and used local natural spring water. Once the recipe had been perfected at the winery, they took a number of opinions on the gin from professionals in the industry and friends, providing them with samples along the way. After the final recipe was approved, the time came for them to agree on what to call the gin and how to present it.


They wanted to keep a Cypriot theme, so decided on the name Soli Gin, after the ancient Cypriot city from the Minoan period, located southwest of Morphou. Tim told us, “We felt that the name ‘Soli’ reflects the sun, so we decided to create a sun design around the O in Soli”. They also created a bottle label inspired by the image of an octopus painted on a particular Ancient Greek Amphora. The amphora is also reflected in the shape of the gin bottle. Inspiration was also found from the Mediterranean Sea and the skies above Cyprus – reflected in the hue of the bottle.

As Tim describes it, “Soli Gin, is a London style dry gin with a hint of the Mediterranean. We were determined to create a gin that conjured up a taste of Cyprus and evokes the spirit of the island”.


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