My Secret Nicosia with Jane Fenwick of Pramatouthkia in Kalopanayiotis



Jane Fenwick

Owner, Pramatouthkia ‘Little Treasures’, Kalopanayiotis

Jane Fenwick is the owner of Little Treasures which was established in 2014 and is located in the village of Kalopanayiotis. Her core philosophy is to operate as a unifying brand, to promote local producers and their products so that the origin is transparent. The producers operate in villages across the island, have inherited their know-how from previous generations, and have survived by making the best possible products. Little Treasures selects these products and packages them in a unique way. Her pride and joy is a natural cosmetics range called ‘BeeLine’, which was launched in 2019. Jane lives in Nicosia.


Favourite Beach? 

Panayiotis Governor’s Beach, as it has a cosy cove with little caves and a lovely fish tavern. I know there are more popular sandy beaches in Cyprus, but this one has a special place in my heart.

Best Restaurant? 

I love Street Food Balcony in downtown Nicosia. It is a new, artisan street food restaurant, housed in a beautifully converted listed townhouse, with a great interior courtyard. And the food? Oh, I love those homemade cheesy fries.

Best Place for a Coffee? 

I have tried them all, and apart from a few wonderful independent coffee houses, the most consistent one offering the best taste and caffeine kick, is, in my opinion, Gloria Jeans.

Best Place for a Cocktail?

I have to say Sarah’s Jazz Club in Nicosia, for great live music and a delicious Tart Apple Martini!

Favourite Walk?

There are some great nature trails in Kalopanayiotis. Casale Panayiotis has produced a new detailed map of the area that you can buy at the Reception. It is for hikers, so you can explore the walking trails without getting too lost!  I also really love the walk around the Salt Lake in Larnaca. 

Perfect Day Off?

A good book and a quiet beach. Or a spa treatment.

Favourite Charity?

The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. They do great work with a profound impact on people living with cancer, and their loved ones.

Favourite Winery? 

All wineries!

Favourite Spa?

The picturesque and amazing Myrianthousa Spa at Casale Panayiotis is well worth the one-hour drive to Kalopanayiotis. The interior is breath-taking and the aromatherapy treatments are amazing. You know that gorgeous feeling of relaxation you get after a great massage? Imagine spending that long-lasting bliss in a warm room, on a chaise longue, with a local herbal tea and a view of the valley.

Favourite Weekend Away in Cyprus?

My absolute ideal destination is Casale Panayiotis Spa Hotel. It has been my go-to getaway since 2010, and in the colder months, with the fairy lights, it is magical. The rooms are luxurious and unique. The location offers a lot to explore, including, ancient Venetian bridges, churches, the Monastery of St Ioannis Lampadistis, running streams and healing sulphur springs, much of which is part of a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

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