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  • Domestic, International & Corporate Moves
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  • Greek, Russian and English-Speaking Team
  • The Trusted Local Removal Company Limassol
  • Full COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

We would like to congratulate Peter Morton Removals on the opening of their new office in Limassol! Their reputation continues to go from strength-to-strength as one of the best removal companies in Cyprus, as well as their committment to providing the highest quality moving experience across the island, Europe and worldwide. Last month saw the launch of their Limassol office, which is complete with a Greek, Russian and English speaking team.

Due to the high demand for their services in Limassol, Peter Morton Removals decided that now was the right time to open this office to service customers within the area. They are now able to offer their full range of packing, removal, shipping and storage services, in and around Limassol. While they have always covered the whole island, people in Limassol can now use the office as their main contact point to plan their domestic, international or corporate move.

The Director of PMR, Peter Morton, told us, “Obviously, during these times, it was a big decision to open a new office in Limassol. However, with our crews spending more and more time in this location, we felt that by opening this office, we would be able to offer our clients an enhanced service. As Limassol Port is on our doorstep, we also look forward to expanding the marine insurance part of the business”.


Currently, many offices are looking to relocate to new premises, and Peter Morton Removals has a dedicated team available for corporate moves in Cyprus, and internationally. They offer a direct door-to-door service, or include long-term storage at their storage depot.

Before any corporate move, a FREE detailed survey is carried out and you will be allocated a team leader for the move. Peter Morton Removals covers every angle of an office move, from labelling the contents of individual desks to moving computers, printers and servers, with the advice of a member of your IT department. They are also able to offer an out-of-hours service, to cause minimum disruption to your business and staff.

Since Peter Morton Removals has a huge team of professionals and the largest fleet of bespoke removal vehicles in Cyprus, they can handle any size of move, either domestic or corporate.


Moving house is always a stressful experience but to make it that little bit easier, we have compiled a Top 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Move. We also detail the benefits of planning your move early with a professional removal company.  From the very start, with your free home survey, the team at Peter Morton Removals are with you every step of the way. Established in 2006, they have years of experience offering the best removals in Cyprus.


These days, there are so many reasons why we might need a safe and professional storage facility. It is somewhere that you can store possessions that are not required daily.

  • Are you moving house and need a reliable and safe storage facility in between properties?
  • Are you struggling to fit everything into your current home?
  • Are you refurbishing a property and want the contents out of the way?
  • Are you renting a house and need to store your excess furniture?
  • Are you moving business premises but your location is not complete?
  • Are you looking to store office files and records?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, read more about their State-of-the-Art Storage Facility with High-Level Security, which gives full information on storage with Peter Morton Removals and the long-term safe storage of your items.


Very often, the need to move home is out of our control and cannot be planned in detail. This could be due to the conclusion of a long house sale or the end of a rental lease, on either a domestic or commercial property. It is good to know what the removal companies in Cyprus are doing to protect us during these times. Before booking any removal, we need to ask removal companies direct questions as to what they are planning to ensure a safe move.

During the current pandemic, Peter Morton Removals is operating under stringent measures, designed to protect both the health of their customers and their team. For full details of all precautions that Peter Morton Removals are taking, read more at Leading the Way for a Safe House Move during Covid-19.


  • Address: Archiepiskopou Makariou 3, Shop 40A, 4003, Mesa Geitonia, LIMASSOL
  • Office Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm
  • Tel: 00 357 25 722 180
  • Languages: Russian, Greek and English-speaking

For more information on the different services offered by this leading removal company in Limassol, including car shipping, domestic, international and corporate moves, secured storage, marine insurance and logistics, visit their website at for a quick and easy FREE quotation. 

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One of the best removal companies in Cyprus – The Peter Morton Removals headquarters is situated just off the highway as you enter Paphos and includes a specially-designed storage facility. It is one of the best removal companies in Cyprus for international, domestic and corporate moves. They also offer a full car-shipping service and have a specialised fine art and high-value shipping department. As Peter Morton explained, “Customer satisfaction has been paramount to the success of our business over the last thirteen years as most of our new customers are through personal recommendations”. View Website


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