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By George Kassianos

MEET MINAS MINA, KYPEROUNDA WINERY, LIMASSOLOenologist and Head of Wine Operations at Photiades Distributors

“Kyperounda Winery is one of the leading wineries on the island, which maintains its high standards in almost every vintage.” George Kassianos

Kyperounda is the most extensive mountainous village in Cyprus and is in the Pitsilia region. This village is home to one of Cyprus’ most successful wineries, which produces nine wine labels. Its vineyards are at an altitude of 1,400 metres.  You can visit Kyperounda Winery, have a guided tour and learn everything about its unique quality wines. The winery opened its gates in 1998, as a collaboration of the Photiades family, with a group of viticulturists from the Kyperounda commune.

Pitsilia is a unique area. This peculiarity is based on two reasons: The first is the unique climate due to the high altitude of the area. It offers cooler temperatures than in other parts, during the grape’s maturity period. This results in effortless maturation of the grape, giving it time to accumulate all the necessary ingredients through its biological processes.  Another vital component of Pitsilia is the soil, which is the primary substrate through which the vine draws all the ingredients, essential for its development. In this area, the soil is mainly part stone, which allows the vineyard to have a deep root system, which is essential for producing wines that express the terroir.

It is one of the few wineries on the island that maintains its high quality at almost every harvest. The winery is located on the main road leading from Kyperounda to Chandria village. It is equipped with the latest modern equipment and has one of the most extensive ageing cellars on the island. The winery of Kyperounda is actually one of the most visited wineries in Cyprus, with a very well-designed wine tasting area.

The Manager and Chief Oenologist, Minas Mina, is one reason why the winery has such a good reputation. He believes that Cyprus has one of the most significant and vital wine-growing dynamics in the world. Both the climatic and soil conditions enable the cultivation of indigenous Cypriot varieties, and European ones, resulting in the production of remarkable wines. It is important to note that Cypriot varieties are not cultivated in any other country, unlike Cyprus, which grows varieties from other countries. This is considered to be a significant advantage for the future of Cypriot wine.

The privately-owned vineyards are positioned around the winery. However, there are not enough of them to meet all of its needs. High altitude is, of course, an advantage if one considers the dramatic changes in the climate, which may make the transfer of Cypriot viticulture to a higher altitude necessary. The winery produces a wide range of wines, with the flagship being the famous Petritis from the Xynisteri white grape variety. This is a different Xynisteri, with an exceptional character. The team also does an excellent job with the Alimos Chardonnay, and the red, Andesites, which continually surprises us from vintage to vintage with its various blends.

Their Skopos red wine is made with a Shiraz, and its ‘brother’ is Psila Klimata, made from a Cabernet Sauvignon varietal.  The Kyperounda Rosé is based on Grenache and Shiraz’s cosmopolitan combination. Every summer, along with Akti, made mostly from Lefkada and Mavro grapes, it becomes indelible in many a consumer’s memory.

Three cosmopolitan varieties have found the ideal conditions to mature in the high climates of Kyperounda. The Chardonnay, White Epos, and the Red Epos of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, are the winery’s real stars. Such fine examples of Cypriot wine have created an upward trend in recent years, and its future seems assured.  


  • Address: Leoforos Grivas Dighenis 102, 4876 Kyperounda, Limassol
  • Tel: 25 532 043
  • Hours and days to Visit: Monday – Friday [09:30 am – 15:30 pm]
  • Height of Vineyards (avg): 1,350 m
  • Winery Height: 1,200 m
  • Number of Owned Vineyards: 20 ha
  • Oenologist: Minas Mina
  • Property owner: 70% Photiades Family

Directions: From the Limassol – Pafos A1 motorway, you are heading towards Trimiklini B8. After Trimiklini you turn right to E801 and then to Kato Amyandos. At the central crossroads, you turn right, E909 direction, towards Kyperounda. There are signs guiding the visitor through the village to the winery. From Nicosia, use the A9 motorway and then the Troodos B9 road, until you reach the crossroads and take the E909.


  • Epos white
  • Epos red
  • Petritis (Xynisteri)
  • Alimos (Chardonnay)
  • Andesites (red blends)
  • Skopos (Shiraz)
  • Psila Klimata (Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Akti (Lefkada – Mavro)
  • Rosé (blends)
  • Commandaria


Minas was born and raised in Nicosia. In 1998, when he returned from his studies in Oenology, the industry was rapidly growing, but there were few jobs for oenologists. It was at this time that Cypriot wine made its first steps onto the international wine scene. Minas continued his studies in the related field of biotechnology and fermentation.  In 2001 he was recruited by Photos Photiades Group, to realise the creation of the Kyperounda Winery.

The Kyperounda Winery philosophy is based on three main principles: the creation of high-quality wines, which offer good value, and express their origin and the vineyard from which they have come, and, of course, the production of wines to withstand time and age. The biggest challenge faced by the winery team is the difficulties of Cypriot agriculture and the lack of a clear policy by the state for the wine sector. This results in the abandonment of vineyards by farmers.  The winery has filled this gap by planting new vineyards at a swift pace. Over the last two years, the area of ​​the winery’s vineyard has doubled.  It is not only that which concerns the winemaker, but also the acceptance of Cypriot wine by the Cypriot consumer.  Another big goal is to make the Cypriots feel proud of the wine of their country.


PETRITIS, Limassol – A sophisticated, balanced, excellent wine with a clean, moderate lemony colour, with golden shades. Elegant aromas of yellow fruits, floral and a very distinctive note of oak. The mouth is a real poem, full, cool, and sharp. The oak notes service the complexity in the mouth and the ‘shadow’ of the fruit, yeasts and herbs of the Mediterranean, while the aftertaste is pure, fruity and enjoyable.

ANDESITES, Limassol – Its beautiful acidity and noble tannins make it very enjoyable at every moment. This dark red wine with an intense bouquet, dominated by the aromas of red forest fruits, sweet ageing aromas, such as cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, married in harmony with toast and some roasted nuts. Excellent structure, rich body, volume, great flavour and long flavours in the aftertaste.


George Kassianos is the President of the Cyprus Sommeliers Association. He has also recently been appointed the Contest and General Assembly Liaison Officer, by the International Sommeliers Association (ASI), which will take him all over the world to attend international wine events and competitions. He writes for many publications, including Cyprus in Style Magazine and the Sunday Cyprus Mail’s weekly wine column. He is a wine and hotel educator and presenter, and holds regular wine events across Cyprus. The Government appointed him to be a member of the Wine Expert Committee, which certifies PDO wines and acts as an advisory board to the wine and spirits industry. Read an Exclusive Interview with George Kassianos and learn more about George and wine tasting in Cyprus.

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