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Home Staging Cyprus – Sourcing quality artworks for your business premises can be quite expensive, especially for property developers who require fresh artworks on a regular basis. As a property developer, do your offices and showhomes communicate the lifestyle you are selling? In this article, we discuss the benefits of Art Rental for developers and share a selection of design solutions, which are incredibly useful to anyone staging and selling property in Cyprus.

Enhance your property marketing strategy, create a lasting impression on your prospective clients and drive sales, by incorporating impressive high-end artworks into your offices and showhomes. ‘When you use Island Designs, you contribute to the journey of art – made in Cyprus’.

Island Designs is fuelled by a network of leading artists in Cyprus. Whilst our focus here is primarily targeting property developers, these art solutions are available to any home or business owner in Cyprus or abroad. Brighten up your business premises and modernise your showhomes with stylish artworks.



First impressions do count. When a prospective client walks into your office for the first time, you want them to feel comfortable and confident in the service they are about to receive. Does your office communicate quality, taste and instill trust in your clients? Is your office designed to complement the lifestyle you are selling?


Enhance the buyer experience. By renting a large modern painting, or centrepiece sculpture for the living room or any other internal room, you can transform the look and feel of your showhome. When a potential buyer walks into a stylish property and feels comforted by the quality furniture and artworks, you have successfully set the mood for the entire buying experience. Art in the showhome creates points for conversation between the buyer and seller, and can lead viewers on an enhanced journey as they enter different areas of the house.


Affordable art solutions. Every property developer and agent realises the importance of professional property photography, and will also be aware of the benefits of using stylish artworks in property photoshoots. You don’t want to be using the same artworks for every development. By renting quality art to enhance your property marketing, you can pay in monthly instalments and either keep, or change, the art according to your requirements.


At Island Designs, you can rent large modern paintings, glass wall art and sculptures for as little as €100 per month. Terms and conditions apply.


The Affordable Way to Invest in Art – Once you have contacted Island Designs and selected your favourite artwork(s), a payment plan will be agreed upon by both parties, and the artwork(s) will be available for collection or delivery to anywhere in Cyprus. Essentially, you pay over a period of months, and on completion of the last instalment, the artwork belongs to you.


Keep your Office Modern & Fresh – The same applies to Rent-to-Rotate Art Rental, except you rent the artworks for a set period before replacing them with new pieces. This Art Rental scheme is ideal for areas with a large footfall, such as hotel lobbies, clubhouses, golf clubs and other public spaces.


Photoshoots, Promotional Videos & Corporate Events – For corporate events, conferences, property photoshoots and marketing videos, Art Hire is the way to go. Hire a beautiful bronze statement sculpture to display at the entrance to your next corporate event or a selection of investment artworks to feature in your next promotional video. Minimum 1-Day Hire.



Next time you enter the architectural design development phase on your next property, or group of properties, remember Island Designs. Their modern architectural glass art solutions can be tailored to suit any interior design theme and colour scheme. Whether you would like an impressive glass entry door for your office premises, or multiple fused glass decorative windows for every house on your latest complex, the sheets of glass are designed according to your specification.

Price Guideline for Architectural Glass Art

Prices vary depending on whether you prefer fused or laminated glass art, the thickness of the glass, and the complexity of the design you are requesting. To give you a rough price guideline, a glass panel measuring 60 x 60 cm can range in price from €350 to €3,700.


Wall Art is the secret ingredient in any leading property marketing strategy. Bring your property portfolio to life with beautiful high-end artworks positioned throughout the listed properties. With Island Designs, you do not have to buy art for every property you build. Instead, you can rent paintings and glass wall art for as little as €100 per month. A large abstract painting, or luxuriant glass wall piece in every showhome, will transform the entire buying experience and, in turn, drive sales. The option to buy or commission a painting in line with the colours and style of your interior design is also an attractive option.

Price Guideline for Canvas & Glass Wall Art

Large modern paintings are available for sale from €1,500, or for rent for as little as €100 per month. Private commissions are priced according to your preferred style and size. Glass wall artworks can be made as small or as large as you wish. If, for example, you would like to include a single glass wall panel in every property you sell, negotiations are encouraged to ensure you get the best price. For the larger statement pieces, a single glass wall panel can range in price from €900 to €10,000 per square metre.


  • Make a Meaningful Statement  Display an elegant bronze or glass sculpture in your office and showhomes to create a positive feeling for yourself, your colleagues, clients and visitors. Island Designs also offers a range of outdoor sculptures for luxury gardens and public displays.
  • Corporate & Client Gifts – Do you include a stylish gift with every property you sell? How do you show appreciation to your business partners and associates? Commission small sculptures as gifts, and make a huge and lasting impression on your colleagues and clients.

Price Guideline for Interior & Garden Sculptures:

While small corporate gift sculptures can range in price from €200 – €600 per piece, larger interior statement sculptures can range from €1,500 – €15,000. Outdoor garden sculptures can be ordered in any size, with the price determined according to the specifications.


Island Designs is fuelled by a network of professional leading artists in Cyprus. When you use Island Designs to source the right artworks for your properties, you contribute to the journey of Art – Made in Cyprus. Learn more about Art Rental and Site-Specific Art.

Across the world, property developers are using art, more and more to stage properties and drive sales. Island Designs works closely with a professional network of leading artists in Cyprus and offers home staging solutions for property developers across the Island. Excellent rates are negotiated for ongoing partnership strategies.

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