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Best Champagnes in Cyprus – Serving luxury foods with the finest champagnes has traditionally been reserved for extra special occasions. With the Orthodox Easter celebrations on the horizon and a newfound attitude to live for today, there is an increased demand for champagne in Cyprus, best served with the finest gastronomic delights. We all deserve it!

We spoke with Panayiotis Daniel, a Sommelier from Wine & More by French Depot, who has many years of experience in pairing gourmet foods with the best champagnes in Cyprus. While we all might be familiar with Truffles and Caviar, his third delicacy is not so well known, yet considered one of the most luxurious in the world – Chatka. In this article, we examine the most popular champagnes in Cyprus and pair specific delicacies with each of them to ensure the perfect taste sensation.

  • The Best Champagne & Food Pairings
  • Champagne & Caviar: Luxurious Gourmet Decadence
  • Champagne & Chatka: The Best Seafood in the World  
  • Champagne & Truffles: A Powerful French Delicacy  
  • Drappier: Favourite Champagne of Charles de Gaulle 
  • Truffles and Truffle-Infused Products from La Maison de la Truffe
  • Order Champagne & Gourmet Food Online for Home Delivery

CHAMPAGNE & CAVIAR A Match Made in Heaven

  • Recommended Caviar: Kaspia Caviar, Beluga Caviar
  • Recommended Champagne: Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru

Champagne & Caviar is a traditional combination that epitomises luxurious gourmet decadence. This classic pairing is best served as an aperitif or as part of the meal. Due to the oily and fatty texture of the caviar, as well as the high salt content, the champagne acts as the perfect antidote, as it refreshes the palate and neutralises the salty taste. Kaspia Caviar is one of the finest caviars in the world. These unfertilised eggs are harvested from the sturgeon family of fish and then salt-cured. It is said that the very best caviar has a ‘Caspian pop’, which is the explosion of flavour in your mouth when you burst one of the eggs. There are many types of caviar, including Osetra and Sevruga, but the best caviar is said to be Beluga.

The recommended champagne to pair with caviar is Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru. This exceptional champagne is from the House of Besserat de Bellefon in France, a Champagne House founded in 1843 by Edmond Besserat in the Marne Valley. The Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru is made using the Chardonnay grape and offers “a mix of chalky, pure and elegant ripe fruit flavours”. Between each mouthful of champagne and caviar, you experience the contrast of very different, yet perfectly matched flavours.

CHAMPAGNE & CHATKA – Best Seafood in the World

  • Recommended Champagnes: Drappier Blanc de Blancs Champagne or Drappier Brut Rosé Nature Champagne

Champagne & Chatka is another winning combination. Chatka is perhaps the lesser known of the three gourmet delicacies and is preserved Russian King Crab, which is notoriously difficult to catch in the freezing waters off the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Surprisingly, it is appreciated across the globe as the best seafood in the world. It has a sweet taste with a full and succulent texture. The Russian King Crab is the largest and most prized crab globally, and is found at 600 metres below sea level.

The perfect accompaniment to Chatka, according to Panayiotis, is the highly esteemed Blanc de Blancs Champagne from the House of Drappier. Drappier Champagne is very well known in France and was actually the favourite champagne of the former President of France, Charles de Gaulle. Drappier was founded in 1808 and produces both vintage and non-vintage champagnes. With their vineyards located in the Urville Region of France, they are renowned as one of the finest boutique champagne producers in the world. This champagne is made from Chardonnay grapes and always pairs well with seafood. It has subtle flavours, with the fruity, floral and brioche ones coming to the fore.

Another recommendation from Panayiotis is the Drappier Brut Nature Rosé Champagne. Panayiotis says, “This gives another dimension to the whole experience. I would recommend the Rosé Champagne with the Chatka if served with a buttery white sauce or deep-fried, as champagnes love oily, greasy and salty foods. With a hint of sweetness in the champagne, it balances the saltiness of the crab”.

CHAMPAGNE & TRUFFLES – The Powerful Delicacy from France

  • Recommended Champagnes: Drappier Brut Nature Sans Soufre or Drappier Grande Sendrée Brut Vintage ‘10

Champagne & Truffles have long been known as a winning combination. Truffles are found worldwide, but a large part of the supply chain comes from the beautiful region of Périgord in France. Essentially, they are a type of fruiting fungus, which grows around Oak and Hazelnut trees. They are available, dependent on the season, in the form of a Black Truffle and White Truffle. While the supreme Truffle experience would always be the fresh Truffle, another way to enjoy them is through a range of Truffle-infused products. These could be canned or in oil, mayonnaise or mustard. 

Wine & More by French Depot are the exclusive importers of the leading range of Truffle products from La Maison de la Truffe in Paris, and stock a wide range of their other products for their most discerning clients. La Maison de la Truffe was established in 1932 and exports Truffle products to leading restaurants and premier gourmet shops worldwide.

On pairing champagne with the intense taste of a Truffle, Daniel advises, “Black Truffles are very rich and powerful. Therefore, to counteract this with champagne, we need one that has an astringent or tannic quality. My natural choice would be for a Drappier Brut Nature Sans Soufre, which is made using only the Pinot Noir grape. Another recommendation would be to go for a more mature champagne or even a vintage such as the Drappier Grand Sendrée Brut Vintage 2010. I have recommended this vintage champagne to a number of my clients to be enjoyed with Truffle, and they have loved the combination as the champagne has been aged in wood”.

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