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A Taste of Jerusalem IN CYPRUS


Kosher Restaurant CyprusA new Kosher Israeli restaurant is opening in Paphos. Jerusalem Restaurant will be located on the street opposite the Almyra Hotel in Kato Paphos and will open at the end of April. It is adjacent to the Synagogue next door. With a rapidly increasing number of Israeli citizens moving to Paphos, there has been a huge demand for a restaurant serving Israeli Kosher food.

The restaurant will be called ‘Jerusalem’ and is the brainchild of Rabbi Issac and his wife Hanna, and the local Jewish community. They moved to Paphos from Hong Kong with their three children four years ago. They have loved living in the city but over the years have seen an ever-increasing demand for Kosher food from both Israeli permanent residents and holidaymakers.

Subject to Government regulations, Israeli tourists will be allowed to visit Cyprus during the summer season. The fact that Paphos will have its very own Kosher restaurant will undoubtedly make the resort even more appealing, as well as the regular short flights from Tel Aviv to Paphos airport.


To understand what will make this different from the usual restaurants in Paphos, we need to describe Kosher food. In simple terms, Kosher refers to food which complies with food prepared under strict Jewish dietary laws (kashrut). A Kosher restaurant will always be closed on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Dairy and meat products are always stored separately and are never served together.

Kosher meat only comes from animals with split hooves and who chew the cud (grass). These include cows, sheep and goats but no pigs as they do not chew the cud. All seafood must have fins and scales. There are strict rules with preparing the food for the table, which must be adhered to at all times. The Rabbi and his wife have instructed the cooks on preparing the kosher food, and most of the ingredients are imported directly from Israel. A new chef is relocating from Israel to take up the position of Head Chef.


The menu will include all speciality Kosher Israeli food, including a wide choice of Israeli dips and salads, such as Herb and Pickle Lemon Salad, Cabbage Salad, Bulgar Salad, Humus, Tahini and many more. The dips and salads will be priced at 12 euros for a choice of five. Challah bread and Israeli bread will be an additional 2 euros.

There will also be the Traditional Chicken Soup, a Soup of the Day, Shakshuka, Oven-Cooked Fish, Chraime Fish, Israeli Couscous, Beef Goulash, Chicken Noodles and Shawarma. All meat (beef and chicken) will be imported from Israel, but the fish and vegetables will be sourced in Cyprus.


There will be a selection of Kosher wines available, including Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon from Galilee in Israel and another Cabernet Sauvignon from the Ramat HaGolan Winery, located in the Golan Heights. In addition, the restaurant will also serve wines from the Teperberg Winery, which is one of Israel’s oldest wineries, founded in 1870 in Jerusalem.


The restaurant itself was a large empty blank canvas when the community received the keys. Rabbi Issac expressed a dream to have a very large painting of Jerusalem on one of the blank walls, which is 10 metres wide. Paphos residents, Noam and Alice Shani, took up this challenge to make his dream a reality and provide a focus wall for the restaurant decoration.

Alice and Noam connected with local artist Lise Briggs, who agreed to work on the wall and create the image, even though she has never visited Jerusalem.  She created the image through photos and by instructions from people who know the city very well. The whole community helped with donations to cover the cost of Lise’s work.

The finished result by Lise is magnificent and so powerful that one member was moved to tears upon seeing it. The city’s realistic portrayal in the wall painting made her realise how much she was missing her home city. As Hanna told us, “Lise was so successful with her perception of the holistic atmosphere of Jerusalem that it will be a constant reminder for the people of Jerusalem, and will feel like a home from home when they visit the restaurant. Everyone is delighted with the final painting”.

With Lise’s background in mosaics, it was then decided to do another wall as a community project to produce an extensive mosaic artwork based on the seven spices, fruits and grains mentioned in the Bible. The Jewish community all came together to make this happen and have worked in unison on the Mosaic wall. Again, community donated the money to cover the costs of the design and the material. Supporters have been working on this project every day, applying the mosaic pieces to make another impactful artwork, and the community is very much a part of the creation. Alice told us, “It became an amazing process where each day everyone was coming and finding out that doing a mosaic is such fun and even addictive. Once you start, you cannot move away from it. The sketches Lise prepared and gave us to do, were finished so fast, that even she was very surprised”!


This restaurant’s main aim is to give Jewish people, who diet on Kosher food only, an option to eat out.  This, in turn, means that Jewish people who, in the past, could not travel out of Israel because they could not find Kosher food, will be able to visit Paphos.  The restaurant is open to all to come and experience Kosher Israeli food.


The restaurant will also have a Kosher shop, where you can buy Israeli Tahini, Israeli vinegar, Israeli chocolates and sweets, as well as many more products from Israel.

We look forward to bringing you a restaurant review of the experience soon!

  • WHERE: JERUSALEM RESTAURANT, Chabad of Paphos, 5 Othelou Street, Paphos
  • WHEN: The restaurant will be open daily apart from Friday (only homemade takeaway) and Saturday (Shabbat)

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