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A physiotherapist is a medical professional, who can help patients affected by injury, illness or a disability. Many of us, at some point in our lives, will need to use the services of a physiotherapist, so it is good to understand what they do, and where we can go when we need this help. Whether it is following a significant health crisis, surgery or indeed an injury, a physiotherapist is there to develop a treatment plan and help us recover.

Meet Andreas Stylianou – Physiotherapist at Physiocare at St George & Blue Cross Hospital in Paphos

We spoke to Andreas Stylianou from Physiocare, at the Blue Cross Hospital, to find out more. Physiocare is very well known and respected for its physiotherapy services. Their main aim is to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement for all their patients. They offer over eleven different kinds of therapies to aid their patients’ recovery. At this physiotherapy department, they perform the latest cutting-edge treatments and provide a unique and comprehensive range of services to patients in need. They work on individual healing plans, home visits or in group classes. Patients can be referred through their GP or specialist doctor on GESY.

Why did you become a Physiotherapist?

As a child, and through my teenage years, I was a very keen footballer. Throughout this time, I suffered from many common muscle injuries. The care I received from the physiotherapists was extremely valuable and always helped me to return to sport safely, as soon as possible. I always saw the connection between the physical therapist and the patient throughout the rehabilitation process. This relationship appeared to offer a considerable amount of professional satisfaction.

Tell us about your professional career as a Physiotherapist.

After my graduation, I started my career as a physiotherapist for a second division football team in Limassol. At the same time, I worked in a physiotherapy clinic as a part-time physiotherapist. In 2013, I was invited, with other colleagues, to set up the Physiotherapy Department at the Blue Cross Private Hospital in Paphos. At the moment there are four qualified Physiotherapists and a specialised Personal Trainer. We are all working full-time assessing, treating and guiding patients. Most of our work is based on creating a lifestyle guide for them to remain active, healthy and overcome their injuries, illnesses or surgeries.

What is a typical day for you at the hospital?

On an average day at Physiocare, we offer our services to treat around 30-40 outpatients. We also need to treat inpatient cases, so we are in very close contact and communication with St George and Blue Cross Private Hospitals’ doctors. During the day, we design and install foot orthotics, after we have carried out a biomechanical analysis. Obviously, most of our day is spent working with our patients.

What has been your most interesting case?

Over the years, we have had many interesting cases.  One of the most difficult but, at the same time, the most rewarding case for us, was a young woman, who suffered from paraplegia after a spinal cord injury. After complicated and lengthy neurosurgery and with our support, she was able to overcome the paraplegia, to walk again, and she is now living a normal life.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding and satisfying part of our job is the relationship developed, through the recovery process, with our patients. To help patients decrease their pain levels, and help them move more freely, are always our primary aims.  It also feels rewarding when ex-patients refer their friends and family, or even just come in to say hello! This way, we know that we are making a difference.

Tell us about the treatment room and facilities at Physiocare.

At Physiocare, patients can receive physiotherapy sessions in one of our four fully equipped treatment rooms. Usually, patients receive various processes, which follow an individual treatment plan, which we design for each patient after an initial physiotherapy assessment. It is always with the agreement of the patient. We also offer Clinical Pilates sessions to patients, who want to exercise in safety. Finally, there is the option of our fully equipped cross-training gym available for use by our patients, with the guidance of our qualified personal trainer.

What is the best advice you can give to avoid injury?

Unfortunately, there is no magic rule, and the complete prevention of injuries is not possible. The human body reacts and adjusts to everyday living. If we are careful with the variation of loading, and we recognise early warning signs, then we can operate at a safer level.

Are there any future plans to mention in this department?

The department is upgrading every year, with staff education and equipment. We always try to offer the latest and the most up to date, high-quality, evidence-based physiotherapy services. In total, we provide over eleven individual therapies from the centre.

Are you available as part of GESY?

We have been available, as part of the GESY system, since December 2020. We also treat a high number of patients on a private basis. A GESY patient has to be referred by their GP.


Andreas was born in Limassol. He did his bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in Greece, and graduated as a Physiotherapist from the Technological Institute of Sterea Ellada in 2011. He followed this with post-graduate studies in Orthopaedic Manipulative & Musculoskeletal Therapy. He has attended numerous seminars, conferences and courses relating to Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging. He is the co-owner of Physiocare Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Fitness and Clinical Pilates Centre at the Blue Cross Hospital in Paphos.

St. George’s and the Blue Cross hospitals joined forces in 2012, to create a unique and comprehensive medical facility for the Pafos region. Their combined professionalism, expertise and resources, together with their state-of-the-art medical equipment, means that they can offer the highest standard of medical care in Paphos. They work with many doctors across the island, who are leaders in their field. This includes over eighty doctors and a staff of over one hundred. As a consequence, the hospitals are a centre of medical excellence in Paphos.

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Published by Cyprus in Style Magazine – June 2021

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