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MINTHIS SUITESThe prestigious resort, Minthis by Pafilia Developers, continues to expand and has just opened its doors to its new and luxurious Suites. This luxury holiday accommodation is situated in Tsada, at the heart of Paphos’ wine-producing region, and offers the perfect staycation option for anyone in Cyprus this year. We took the opportunity to go behind the scenes and speak to the Executive Director, Demetris Ashiotis, who has been working on the project from the initial idea to its fruition today. In this article, we find out what is on offer at the resort, the future plans and the huge efforts which have been made to protect the surrounding environment.

Demetris explained, “Life has become very busy for everyone, and we want to offer people a new experience. Minthis is a special place away from everyday life; it provides something unique and different to the overcrowded seafront hotels, offering a place of freedom, where you can be as active or as relaxed as you choose. In addition, Minthis is a place to unwind and reconnect with family and friends”.


The original idea for Minthis was initiated by Mr Eliades, the CEO and Founder of Pafilia Developers. His main aim was always to create an authentic Cypriot resort inspired by nature. After major work on the development and some replanning to protect endangered species, Minthis was officially inaugurated by the President of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Anastasiades, in 2014.

Demetris told us, “When Mr Eliades first visited this hillside, he was captivated by the history and the 12th-century monastery, Stavros tis Minthis, from where the resort derived its name. The natural beauty and the breathtaking views of this unique and fabled place are mesmerising. With a deep knowledge of the area’s culture and heritage, as well as a desire to preserve and regenerate the natural landscape, he and Pafilia have evolved Minthis into this very desirable community. It is a place of enrichment and beauty, which is true to its past and a legacy for future generations. It is my great pleasure to continue his vision of creating a luxury resort which is in harmony with the stunning Cypriot landscape”.


The Suites at Minthis now offer a selection of unique luxurious accommodation, which are similar to a hotel, but with the added benefit of extra space, including a kitchen and an opulent living room for relaxing. There are forty-two, two-bedroom suites and two superior, ultra-luxurious, one-bedroom suites. All enjoy exceptional views of either the golf course or the magnificent mountain range. They decided to offer luxury suites, complete with an authentic Cypriot experience, instead of the traditional hotel accommodation option.

“We are proud to be Cypriot and celebrate our roots. We take inspiration from traditional villages, the architecture and the way people live in the Mediterranean. We offer the same 5-star level of service you would expect in a hotel but with a more immersive, personalised experience. We believe that The Suites at Minthis answer the changing needs of international travellers, who want more privacy and space, and to experience their destination and all of its traditions”, explained Demetris.

To complement The Suites and to make a short break or holiday complete, there is a communal pool. Also, there is a 24-hour concierge service, within the resort, which is available to organise a plethora of personalised activities and authentic experiences. They are also there to look after any requirements guests may have during their stay.


Minthis is an ever-evolving project, one which is constantly being expanded and improved upon. Next year, they will add additional facilities, such as The Plateia, a village square, which will have a range of dining and shopping options reflecting the rustic charm of Cyprus. It will also see the launch of a destination Wellness Spa, which will focus on guests’ holistic wellbeing and natural healing requirements. Other planned facilities for next year include a sports ground for tennis and football, an equestrian centre and further experiences, whereby guests can immerse themselves in both nature and the local culture.

Future Plans for The Plateia include:

  • Home Concept Store
  • A Gelateria
  • A Coffee Shop
  • A Grocery Store
  • Souvlaki Grill House
  • A Kids Club
  • Sports Ground
  • Children’s Adventure Playground
  • Botanical Herb Gardens
  • Amphitheatre
  • Stargazing Point
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • And many more activities.

The heart of the resort, and the facilities mentioned above, will be complete and operational by 2022. Demetris explained that whilst they will continue to develop, there will be minimal disruption to guests staying at the resort. He told us, “The residences will continue to be developed and sold for a few more years. Our strategy is to reveal new areas in a phased approach, with the remaining residences on the hillside being a short distance from the main facilities, so that there will be as little disruption to the main social areas as possible. Much planning and thinking went into the timing of the development, to ensure we can meet all our clients’ needs”.

Upon completion, the resort will have a full social calendar complete with events, live music and activities happening every day. From week-long Yoga retreats to live performances in the Amphitheatre, there will be something for everyone!


Minthis is the result of valued partnerships between the acclaimed residential developer, Pafilia Developers, and several world-renowned specialists in their fields. The carefully conceived master plan has been under development for a number of years. They worked closely with the team at an international architectural firm, WATG, who have been strategic luxury planning and design leaders for over 70 years. The building design and architecture were undertaken by the award-winning Woods Bagot, one of the most globally influential architectural groups existing today.


Pafilia has taken their inspiration for the whole resort from the heritage of Cyprus, using the traditional vernacular architecture and the magnificent landscape adjoining the development. The architects, Woods Bagot, were certainly inspired by the natural surroundings and the on-site 12th-century historic monastery. They conducted an extensive study of all the traditional architectural forms and incorporated key elements into the whole of the Minthis design philosophy. As Demetris explained, “The final project shows complete compatibility between the buildings and the surrounding landscape”.


In keeping with modern times, being environmentally friendly is of the utmost importance to Pafilia Developers. As a result, the company has recently won many awards for sustainability, with one of its most important achievements being its Golf Course GEO Certification. Minthis Golf Course is the first golf club in Cyprus to be awarded this highly acclaimed GEO Certification, which is a great honour, recognising their eco-friendly approach and commitment to sustainability.

GEO (Golf Environment Organisation) is an independently assessed international eco-label for golf clubs. It is the most respected mark for golf club sustainability and is awarded to golf facilities, when a course has met the voluntary industry standard of good practices and facility operations. In addition, a golf course must demonstrate a clear commitment to nature, resource conservation, and community value to receive this prestigious award.

Demetris further states, “As part of our holistic approach, where we strive to connect the restored ground and enrich the existing nature, we do not install physical boundary walls. Instead, to create privacy and a sense of division, we plant dense native hedging and follow a detailed villa positioning strategy to ensure we maximise views and privacy for all our clients. Furthermore, during the design stages, we considered all possible construction damage that could be made to the landscape and proceeded with eco-diversity always at the forefront of our minds”.

A comprehensive study was performed to analyse the plots of land and classify each one of them by topography and orientation. This determined the number of villa types that would be built and influence the designs required in future phases. Careful villa orientation ensures optimal thermal and energy performance, while sustainable design strategies, such as solar energy harnessing and on-site water treatments, are implemented to reduce energy consumption.

Minthis strives to use eco-friendly and recyclable materials wherever possible, from using paper straws to paper made from grape pulp, for all their marketing materials. They also joined the Green Dot Cyprus recycling programme in 2019, allowing both the company and the Resort residents to reduce disposable waste and continue sustainable efforts.

Pafilia’s Green Approach in numbers:

  • 3% Building Density over 5 million square metres of land
  • 5km of Walking Nature Trail Paths
  • 10km of Cycling Pathways
  • 70,000 Indigenous Shrubs & 5,000 Trees to enrich the natural landscape – In the future, the total will be 500,000 shrubs and 30,000 trees
  • Water Treatment Plant treats 1,500 cubic metres per day
  • A reservoir of 140,000 cubic metres
  • 10 Beehives
  • 2 Road Underpasses for Wildlife Protection
  • Protection of Endangered Animals, including Bonelli Eagles, with two nesting sites on the resort’s protected grounds


The tourists of today do not want to feel isolated in the places they visit. They want to engage with, learn about and participate in the local culture. From enjoying local cuisine to celebrating regional festivals and holidays, local experiences are destined to become some of the top tourist trends in the future. As Demetris concluded, “We believe that consumers want more from their destinations and accommodation. In these unprecedented times with the Covid-19 pandemic, clients also need reassurance. The Suites at Minthis are perfect for curious adventurers as they allow you to have space and privacy, with your own private entrance, outdoor space and fully equipped rooms. At Minthis, you also have the option to enjoy ‘social spaces’ within the Clubhouse restaurant, lounge and bar, and soon The Plateia, giving clients the best of both worlds, on their terms. Clients also want to understand and participate in a wide range of activities, where they can reflect and learn about Cyprus’ rich culture.Today’s world is all about personalisation and experiences to remember; Minthis is about immersing yourself in the beauty of life.”

Minthis, and its experienced resort management team, has ensured that the resort is a safe place during the current pandemic adding many extra procedures, so it is very well protected. They have implemented all the regulations advised by the Cyprus Government, and they follow all the guidelines, as directed by the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, as the situation is constantly changing, they update guests upon arrival on the latest actions and measures taken at the resort. Their main aim is to offer a safe location whilst ensuring their guests can fully relax and enjoy their stay. To see their Covid-19 policy, please click here.

For further information on The Suites at Minthis, click here:

For those interested in making a reservation, the resort has 2021 opening rates and are offering a 5% discount if you book directly through their website.

Published by Cyprus in Style Magazine – July 2021


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