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REMOVALS CYPRUSMoving house, or relocating your business premises, is always hard, so we spoke with some real clients of Peter Morton Removals, to learn how they got on and ask them to share their experiences with us. They have all used this company to move home, or relocate their office, in the last year. One business which moved very recently, was the very well-known travel agent, Century Travel. Another business on the move is the hairdressers, Woodward & Marescu. We also spoke to Rachel and Janet, who have moved home in Paphos many times, using Peter Morton Removals. When it comes to selecting real testimonials about this company, there are literally hundreds and hundreds to see on their Facebook page.


  • LATEST DATE OF MOVE – 29th September 2021
  • THE MOVE – Relocation of business premises from Mesogi Avenue to Royal Business Centre Vasileos Constantinou Avenue, in Paphos.

We spoke to the Director of Century Travel, Vicky Lewis.

Why did you move?

We wanted a more central location and office which could serve all of our needs. As the travel industry recovers, we are taking on more staff, and our new premises offer us a more useable space in a busier area.

Have you used Peter Morton before?

Yes. We had used them for a previous office relocation and our move into our current home. We would not think of using anybody else, as we are delighted with the services they offer.

How long did the move last, and did you have to close?

To keep any business disruption to a minimum, we were fortunate that Peter Morton Removals sent multiple lorries and men. Amazingly, they started at 4.30 pm and finished at 7 pm. All their staff worked incredibly hard and made the move as stress-free as possible for us all. In addition to our office furniture, we had a lot of boxes of files and computer equipment, which all needed to be transported. In the end, we didn’t have to close the business at all, and we just diverted the phones.

What is your best advice for anyone moving their office?

Use the professionals to care for your expensive equipment, which removes the stress from the actual moving day.


  • LAST MOVE – November 2021
  • THE MOVE – Relocation of business premises from Old Town Paphos to Coral Bay.

We spoke to the owner of Woodward & Marescu, Jonathan Woodward.

Why did you move?

The main reason for our move was to be back in our client catchment area. We have many clients who live in Peyia and Coral Bay, and we wanted to make it easier for them to access us. Another big reason for our move is that parking was difficult at our last premises, but now there is plenty of parking right outside the door at this location. In the new salon, we are also able to offer a nicer environment for our clients with amazing sea views.

Have you used Peter Morton before?

Yes, many, many times. They have actually relocated our salon twice over the last couple of years, and we have used them to move our home within Peyia at least three times.

How did you find the experience in the past?

They are excellent and have never let us down. Sometimes, they have been presented with difficult items to move, such as our very large and valuable jukebox, but they never complain and handle all of our assets with the greatest of professionalism. We also have some valuable delicate artworks, which, again, have always been handled with the utmost care. I particularly like the fact that whenever we use them, we get the same people, who are outstanding at what they do. They have never broken anything. Stacy, who works in the office, is always friendly and highly efficient.

What is your best advice for anyone moving their business?

Be prepared and organised. By doing this, your clients should hardly notice any disruption. Plus, always use the right professionals, such as Peter Morton Removals.


  • LATEST DATE OF MOVE – October 2020
  • THE MOVE – Moved house from Petridia Emba to Kamares.

We spoke to Rachel and Janet, who have used Peter Morton Removals many times to move home.

Why did you move?

We wanted a more spacious bungalow, which ticked all of our boxes on the wish list, for the first time after 27 years in Cyprus.

Have you used Peter Morton before?

For a variety of reasons, we have moved quite a few times. We first used Peter Morton Removals in 2011, then in 2013, 2014, 2017, and last year for moves within Paphos, including Kallepia, Emba and now Kamares. Peter Morton Removals is always our go-to removal company.

How did you find the experience in the past?

They have always been excellent, and we have seen many of the same employees on more than one occasion, including James, Danny, Jay, Jordan and Paul. Every move with Peter Morton Removals has been very smooth and well organised. They take all the stress out of moving house, with their excellent teamwork and expert careful handling of our furniture and possessions.

One angle, that we have appreciated very much, is the fact that nothing is too much trouble for them. So, for example, we have large, weighty pots containing trees, and PMR provided a separate van for their transportation, separating them from our other possessions.

What is your best advice for anyone moving home?

Use PMR packing boxes, pack room by room, label everything and unpack room by room. Arrange telephone and internet line transfers in good time to be done on the day of the move. Cyta is excellent for this. Take any pets to kennels or a cattery for a couple of days, until you are sure the house and garden are secure.

Is there anything or anyone, in particular, you would like to mention?

From knowing Peter through his family business for so many years, we always feel confident and reassured that the team will take care of everything. All the staff are reliable, honest, respectful and have a great sense of humour! Not to mention having a good eye for arranging furniture in configuration with your rooms, where space may be tight!

The PMR headquarters are situated just off the highway as you enter Paphos, and includes a specially designed professional storage facility. PMR also has another office in Limassol. They are the best removal company in Cyprus for international, domestic and corporate moves. They also offer a full car shipping service and a specialised fine art and high-value shipping department. As Peter Morton explained, “Customer satisfaction has been paramount to the success of our business over the last thirteen years as most of our new customers are through personal recommendations”.

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