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CHRISTMAS GIFTS PAPHOSThe weeks are passing, and before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. After a challenging year for us all, it is nice to think of ways to make this year’s festivities just that little bit more special. La Bodega Premium Cava has a plethora of gift ideas this Christmas.

La Bodega is primarily a wine and spirit shop and has now introduced a complete selection of unique deli products for the first time this Christmas. These are suitable for being included in a Hamper as a gift, or for the Christmas table for the big day. With delivery available in the local area, they want to make it easy for their customers to buy their festive treats for the season. In this article, we look at the more unusual gift ideas available to buy this year.


A traditional hamper is always greatly appreciated in any household, and at La Bodega, the range to choose from is enormous. Apart from your budget, there are no limitations. One of the most popular versions includes a couple of bottles of wine mixed with some deli items. Click here for the range of artisan wines at La Bodega. In addition, exceptional Gourmet Gift Boxes and Hampers are on offer all year round.

If you want to give an excellent selection of treats, you can say to the experts at La Bodega, this is my budget, and they will make a hamper up for you. Usually, it might range in price from 50 to 100 euros and might include, in addition to the wine, mustards, cheeses, salamis, chocolate, and grissini breadsticks might also be included. Kyriakos, and his team at La Bodega, have discovered the leading examples of certain gourmet products and have brought them to Cyprus for us all to enjoy. Once you have decided what you want to include, the hamper is packed and decorated with a Christmas theme.


For many years La Bodega has been the go-to place for not just wine, but also for this traditional Italian sweet bread, which hails from Milan. It started as a luxury cake enjoyed on religious occasions but has become synonymous with Christmas. It can be enjoyed on its own, or as the perfect accompaniment with cheese, or used in a luxury bread and butter traditional recipe. Available in all sizes and from the leading brands in Italy, La Bodega has a tempting selection.


Maxim’s de Paris – La Bodega is the only place in Paphos where you will find the extra special Maxim’s Chocolate. This chocolate has been made in Paris since 1893 and is renowned amongst the specialists of French gastronomy in France. At La Bodega, there is a full range of the finest chocolate assortments from Maxim’s.

Labooko Chocolate – Labooko is an award-winning brand which is considered to be one of the best in the world. The chocolate is made from premium cocoa from the best cocoa regions globally, including Mayan, Belize, or Peruvian cocoa. All the ingredients are organic and fair trade. La Bodega has the range of Labooko to make a chocolate lover’s Christmas dreams come true.


Gin & Whisky Hampers – Another great idea is to give a Gin or a Whisky Hamper. At La Bodega, they have all the leading spirits, with some of the finest examples available. A Gin Hamper would include your chosen gin, together with some glasses, tonics, chocolates and dried fruits. A Whisky Hamper is another popular option. By selecting the whisky, you think the recipient would enjoy the most, you can then just add other deli products you think they might relish.


For the first time, La Bodega is able to offer a personalised bottle of the Polish Vodka, Belvedere. The vodka is made with nature using Polish rye and purified water. A personalised bottle comes in a 175 cl size and can include 12 to 15 characters on the label. The perfect present to give to someone who enjoys vodka which is made extra special with their personal name on the label. It could also be gifted to a corporate company, which would be impressed by seeing their own brand name on the bottle. You need to allow three days for your order to come through, and this service is only available whilst stocks last.


Whether you are looking for gifts for your employees, gifts for corporate clients or gifts for the teacher, there are some very affordable options at La Bodega with prices from just 10 euros. A small gift bag might include some chocolates, specialist tea bags and gourmet sweet biscuits.

LA BODEGA PREMIUM CAVA is positioned as you drive out of Paphos from the Old Town on the back road to Coral Bay. As you pass, you can see the tables outside and great activity taking place from their enthusiastic wine tasting customers. However, this is not just a wine shop; it is so much more than that! The business was opened exactly 12 years ago by three brothers, who all share a love of wine and the finer things in life. They aim to source artisan wines, spirits and gourmet products from around the world and make them available to the people of Paphos. Kyriacos Kolokasides is at the helm in the Cava and loves nothing more than imparting knowledge to his customers about his wines and premium products.

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