Let’s Get Serious about Pain Relief for Feet – Advice from the Experts


Let’s get serious about pain relief for feet.

Do you suffer from leg or foot pain? Do you have lower backache? Are you tired after walking? Read on…

Foot Insoles Cyprus Our feet are one part of our body that is severely overlooked. If, like me, the care of your feet is primarily for cosmetic reasons, where the need for a shellac polish to be included in a pedicure is paramount, we really do have our priorities wrong. My interest and knowledge of feet were greatly expanded after my recent meeting with Volker Cicha and Konstantin Patsalides, the Directors of Ortho-Ped. I genuinely never fully appreciated how important our feet are to the human body. Ortho-Ped is a huge medical supply company from Germany, but due to Konstantin originally coming from Paphos, they have opened a clinic in the Old Town. Their plans include opening a new sizeable dedicated facility in Paphos, to cover all aspects of feet and related orthopaedics, using the latest German technology.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of custom-made orthotics (insoles) and explain why so many people, including athletes, are travelling from across Cyprus to this clinic in Paphos. Such is the interest in the foot insoles that Ortho-Ped are currently working with the athletes at Pafiakos Volleyball Club and Pafos FC. As a company, Ortho-Ped has made over 30,000 pairs for its clients in Germany.

Ortho-Ped works with physiotherapists, sports scientists, podiatrists, and orthopaedic doctors to offer the very best foot care. Feet are, after all, the foundation of our whole body and are often ignored. One of the busiest areas of their business is their tailor-made Sensorimotor-Aktiv foot insoles or custom orthotics. This is because they believe in the preventative benefits of insoles when it comes to our long-term mobility. The correct positioning of our feet, in our shoes, leads to better posture and alignment, thereby avoiding severe mobility issues in later life. In addition, they can help soothe heal pain, correct an arch or realign your toes.

What are tailor-made Sensorimotor-Aktiv Foot Insoles for foot pain?

Of course, before our meeting, I was aware of the need for insoles. Years ago, I remember my mother getting a pair of her own insoles from a physiotherapist. Unfortunately, she didn’t rate them highly as they were not made to measure. At Ortho-Ped, they do a complete foot analysis including a palpation and walking-analysis, to ensure that they do the job they are supposed to do. A full screening will highlight any irregularities in your feet, such as a high tendon / muscle rotation and an incorrect gait pattern. They also make sure that they are professionally fitted into your chosen pair of shoes by an orthopaedic shoe technician.

Konstantin explained, “By using our German technology to do an overall analysis of our client’s feet, we then know where the client needs support and moulding to help prevent future mobility problems. We have invested heavily in our state-of-the-art equipment, so that we can deliver the results we promise, through our foot insoles”.

8 Main Benefits of Sensorimotor-Aktiv Foot Insoles:

1. CORRECTION OF POSTURE: Primarily, a tailor-made Sensorimotor-Aktiv foot insole will correct your posture when walking. This will help realign muscles and tendons to reduce foot pain. The special soft padding materials provide additional support and cushioning for your feet, where the analysis has shown that this is necessary. Everyone’s feet, ankles, shins and knees are overworked, and we need to look after them.

2. STABILISE YOUR ANKLE: The stabilisation of your ankle will lead to reduced ankle or leg pain.

3. WALK LONGER: You will be able to walk over longer distances and for more extended periods.

4. RELIEF FOR BACK PAIN: People suffering from back pain have found relief from restructuring the muscles and tendons in the foot. This makes a pair of shoes with insoles the perfect choice for back pain.

5. PREVENTION: In the long-term, a custom insole will also prevent calluses, corns and bunions.

6. REALIGNMENT AND CORRECTION: Basically, if you have an abnormality in your feet, you will be out of alignment throughout your whole body. It starts with the feet, moving up through your shins and up into your pelvis and hips. The longer it is left untreated, the worse the long-term problems and issues will become

7. ENHANCED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: In addition, custom orthotic insoles are not just suitable for people in later life with aches and pains. They are also highly recommended for athletes and sportspeople to enhance their performance and prevent injury. (e.g., jogging, tennis, golf, cycling and much more)

8. RELIEVES PLANTAR FASCILITIS: This incredibly painful condition can certainly be relieved. The extra cushioning gives support, relief and stretch.

How can you buy your own custom-made foot insoles?

  1. Make an appointment for a complete 45 min foot analysis by calling 00 357 99 483 927
  2. After your analysis, your insoles will be ordered from Germany.
  3. Supply a pair of shoes in which you would like them fitted.
  4. Attend a final fitting appointment for any adjustments.
  5. Wear your shoes with your inserted insoles.
  6. A follow-up appointment to check everything is working correctly!

Limited Offer – The first five readers can attend an appointment at Ortho-Ped Paphos Clinic for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION FOOT ANALYSIS. This will include advice for any foot-related conditions you may be suffering from and a discounted price on a pair of foot insoles. Just quote ‘Cyprus in Style’, when making your booking.


Next month, we look forward to a full interview with the Managing Directors of Ortho-Ped, Volker Cicha and Konstantin Patsalides, to find out more about their business and their passion for helping people achieve their maximum performance.

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